Dodger Rumors: Dec 9th 2009

Dodgers 2B Possibilities:

Dylan Hernandez tweets, “Ronnie Belliard, Craig Counsell, Juan Uribe and Jamey Carroll are among the 2B possibilities for the Dodgers.”

Juan Pierre To Tigers?


The Detriot Tigers are interested in Juan Pierre. It’s said they’re looking for a third team to get involved in the deal to supply the pitching to the Dodgers.

  • Detroit did just trade Curtis Granderson.
  • Dodgers are desperate for starting pitching.
  • Why not trade from their own stock of over priced pitchers?
  • Maybe LA has their sights on a specific pitcher…

Any trade involving Pierre has my blessing. No, not because I dislike Pierre, I simply dislike his contract and price as a 4th outfielder. If a third team needs to supply the pitching for this trade, my guess is we’re looking for more than the pitching the Tigers have to offer on their own.

I have a wild idea, why don’t we get some trading chips from Detroit that would interest the Jays, in which we flip those chips to in addition to our own for Halladay?

Interesting thought…

Millwood Rumor Update:

Yesterday we mentioned the Dodgers and Rangers discussed a Millwood trade. Today the Orioles and Rangers have worked a deal that will swap Kevin Millwood from Rangers for Chris Ray from Orioles.

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