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Dodger Stadium to Feature a Secret Speakeasy for Limited Number of Fans

When fans finally get to make it out to Dodger Stadium on Friday, they’ll get to see an entirely new look. The renovations that were supposed to be unveiled on Opening Day in 2020 were put off until after the pandemic so that fans could enjoy them. 

With a limited capacity of fans expected at Dodger Stadium at the home opener, it should be very exciting. The team has introduced an entirely new fan experience packed with new food areas as well as bar areas.

One area in particular might be of interest. There will be a sort of secret speakeasy that is set to hold a limited number of fans during the game. It is known as Tommy’s Bar in honor of hall of fame manager Tommy Lasorda. Apparently, the bar is also 1960s themed, whatever that means. The bar is located under Dodger Stadium’s brand new centerfield plaza. 

The bar is set to hold 100 fans during games, though that will be limited to start the year. Fans at Dodger Stadium will be able to see directly into the visiting team’s bullpen as well, with floor-to-ceiling windows in the bar. 

According to NBC’s Michael Duarte, the glass inside the bar to the bullpen is NOT soundproof. So visiting teams will have to hear it all from fans when they come to Dodger Stadium moving forward. Talk about direct access to players! 

While games cannot be watched live from the bar, there are televisions all over to accommodate. So why not pull up to Dodger Stadium and watch a game in a 1960s speakeasy? 

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  1. They better install some reinforced glass for when the Astros come to town…

    1. As long as they’re still on the books as World Champs, then we still gonna bring it up. Nobody should be champs that year. NOBODY.

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