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Dodgers 2020 Statistical Predictions, According to Fangraphs

Fangraphs has posted their 2020 ZiPS projections, courtesy of their creator Dan Szymborski (@DSzymborski), and the Dodgers appear to have a solid season ahead of themselves in terms of the numbers.

Here is the map and link to the column by Szymborksi detailing the Dodgers’ projected wins above replacement outputs in 2020 in the form of tandems:


The Dodgers have one of the deepest lineups in the game and this is even before any potential major moves they are planning on making — Francisco Lindor, Mookie Betts, etc. Here is the list of projections for key members of the Dodgers offense:

  • Cody Bellinger: 6.2 WAR, .293/.392/.585, 40 HRs, 120 RBIs, 16 SBs
  • Max Muncy: 3.8 WAR, .256/.373/.506, 29 HRs, 92 RBIs
  • Corey Seager: 3.7 WAR, .279/.373/.506, 19 HRs, 87 RBIs
  • Justin Turner: 3.3 WAR, .285/.365/.481, 19 HRs, 66 RBIs
  • Gavin Lux: 2.9 WAR, .267/.331/.456, 21 HRs, 79 RBIs, 10 SBs
  • Joc Pederson: 2.6 WAR, .249/.340/.513, 27 HRs, 75 RBIs
  • Will Smith: 2.5 WAR, .234/.319/.470, 24 HRs, 77 RBIs
  • Chris Taylor: 2.1 WAR, .259/.329/.441, 15 HRs, 63 RBIs, 12 SBs
  • Alex Verdugo: 2.0 WAR, .285/.341/.442, 13 HRs, 54 RBIs
  • AJ Pollock1.5 WAR, .255/.313/.457, 16 HRs, 55 RBIs, 10 SBs

Pretty good.

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  • Clayton Kershaw: 12-7, 3.24 ERA, 166 2/3 IP, 176 K
  • Walker Buehler: 11-6, 3.27 ERA, 167 2/3 IP, 201 K
  • Kenta Maeda: 10-8, 3.91 ERA, 138 IP, 155 K
  • Dustin May: 9-7, 4.08 ERA, 141 1/3 IP, 129 K
  • Ross Stripling: 6-4, 3.87 ERA, 93 IP, 93 K
  • Kenley Jansen4-2, 3.15 ERA, 60 IP, 78 K
  • Julio Urías: 4-3, 3.92 ERA, 80 1/3 IP, 91 K
  • Blake Treinen: 6-4, 3.41 ERA, 63 1/3 IP, 65 K

Bright future.


The Dodgers are set up well for the 2020 season and beyond, marked by potential key contributions from sophomores Gavin Lux, Dustin May, and Will Smith. However, they will get key contributions from the bash brothers of Cody Bellinger and Max Muncy as well as veterans like Justin Turner.

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Lol I knew this was coming. Means nothing. Kirk called it out but you guys deleted his comment

    1. They seem to not like their fans opinions bud! Not all of them delete my thoughts, but they are really trying to gain back moral support. My question to this article is we all hope all of these numbers will come to fruition, but how about some post season stats and speculations? What will kenleys save totals be in the playoffs? What will pedersons #s be hitting leadoff against stradburg and sherzer and Corbin? How about kershs e.r.a. and win total be?

  2. Predicting performance is useless. We’d have six straight titles if they were remotely accurate.

  3. Dodger’s suck , I’m been a Dodger’s fan so many years , I remember those good years. But now that french fries get him out the office now , don’t know about baseball …

  4. very conservative estimates–especially the Pitchers—Kershaw 12-7—3,24?–I see 15-5 – -3.15—-Buehlor—17-7 2.85—–Urias—–13 -6—-3.70—Strippling 12-4 –3,50—May 11-5 4.10—-Jansen 20 saves –Trienen 25 saves—Kelly—10 saves——-Ryu may yet stay a Dodger–15-4 2,40—Bellances might be signed
    Muncy 32 HRs–Seager 23 HRs–Joc–33 HRs–D J Peters—15 HRs—Verdugo-21 HRs—No Big additions

    It will be a 103-59 Season—Go the the World Sieries and Lose to the Yankees in 7 games

  5. You can predict till you are Blue in the face, lol! The Yankees got Cole. It’s over.

    THE TRUTH…Key predictions you missed on

    Roberts is still manager and Madden takes Angels the WS, Othani, Trout, Rendon = best trio in the Majors easily better than the top 3 Dodgers.

    Kenley Jansen 12 blown saves 1-5, 15 saves
    Kershaw 9-13 175 innings 150 K’s

    Joc just had his so called career year in 19, 2020 25 home runs leads the team in K’s, 0 steals or anything else productive as a leadoff batter
    Kiki 220 avg 15 home runs
    Taylor 235 avg 18 home runs
    Pollock 250 avg 15 home runs

    Rios 30 home runs in the Minors and can’t get to the big team due to the above 4
    Ruiz 25 home runs 330 avg and can’t get to bigs because of a Martin type addition and no roster spot due to above 4
    Gonsolin 15 wins in minors 200ks and can’t get to the big team because Stripling and Kershaw suck up roster spots.

    Same old stuff. Great players in the minors rotting away because of the dead weight the Dodgers keep over and over.

  6. These numbers not even close.There won’t be a full season.Full season Cody hits 320+45+hrs 120+ rbis,Seaver 300+30hrs 100+rbis,Muncy 265+40+hrs 100+rbis,Turner 290 18.hrs 75rbis,Joc same at bats 260 38+hrs 80+rbis but if dumb Roberts would play him daily Joc would hit 270 50+hrs 110 rbis,Mookie forget it he signs with other team Taylor 270 15hrs 65 rbis,Kike 260 28hrs 85+rbis,Gavin 260+ 23hrs 70+rbis,Pollock 265 10hrs rbis if no innuries,Kershaw 20-5 ,2.10 era,Julio 17-7, 2.70 or less era,Buhler 17-9 ,3.20 era May 14-7, 3.30 era,Price gets traded for nothing,Gonsolin 11-7 3.20 era,Wood,12-7, 3.30 era.

  7. Although I agree with some of these replies, I encourage myself with the “facts”. And the fact a lot of the Dodgers (in particular, the pitching staff) went out during the off season to try and improve their pitching skills (I.e. learning the technic of putting more of a spin on the ball). As I followed the Dodgers during the beginning of spring training, it appeared that most of the Dodger pitchers involved already were showing increase in velocity and other mechanics involved. The point I’m trying to make is the attempt made during the off season speaks to their desire to win that WS championship we’ve been waiting for. If you’re a true Blue Dodger fan, then put down all the complaints and negative replies and begin to speak positive about this season.

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