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Dodgers: Hyun-Jin Ryu Contract Expected to Exceed Bumgarner Deal

The top flight free agents have dwindled down and in recent days, the Dodgers have pivoted in an effort to prioritize their activity in the trade market. Still, one of their own free agents ranks amongst the league’s best available: Hyun-Jin Ryu.

With the way Scott Boras — also Ryu’s agent — has been operating this offseason, Ryu is going to go for an extreme price in free agency. According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, he could garner a deal in the realm of the deal Madison Bumgarner recently signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks:

While Ryu was a fan favorite and many want him back, he might not be the best use of money at this juncture. Boras is a smooth operator and it is highly unlikely that Ryu would give the Dodgers a hometown discount — something they would need to make it reasonable to re-sign him. If the Dodgers were to sign Ryu to somewhere around a four-year, $80 million deal as Rosenthal suggests, there would be a very slim chance at getting a return on investment.

Ryu has been amazing over the last two seasons, but then again, they were parts of seasons. Paying $20 million or more per year to a pitcher who has only eclipsed 180 innings in his career twice is not exactly good practice, regardless of what you believe about the Rich Hill signing in 2016.

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According to Fangraphs dollar value estimations, Ryu has only been worth $116.7 million since his rookie campaign in 2013 — largely due to injury. At age 32 and potentially on the downside of his career, mixed in with injury history, is it a good option for the Dodgers? You can be the judge.

Ryu only makes real sense if the Dodgers fail to acquire a big name starting pitcher via trade and even then, a hometown discount would be nice.

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Daniel Preciado

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  1. Cmon Angels sign this man and Keuchel too so I can root for you guys. I won’t do so unless you get some pitching for once

    1. The Dodgers just may resign him, their Korean fan base spends a lot of money at Dodger stadium! They really don’t have any other players to lure them in.

      1. He is looking at 80 mil for 4. I think that would be a good deal right now to bridge the gap to our youngsters. If he is given a couple breaks in the rotation; he should be solid. They gave him 17.9 last year! We need a starter to help our transition to May, Urias, Gray. Yep don’t trade May. Hyun Jin is not likely to have another 2+ years of injuries. He already had them.

        1. Ryu is better than Bumgarner. Sign the man. We need him. He pitched more innings last year than he ever has. He kind of petered out in August but recovered at the end. He was injury free for the first time in his career. Who knows, he might be hitting his peak right now, and 4 years is a short, safe contract.

        2. “Hyun Jin is not likely to have another 2+ years of injuries. He already had them.”

          An injury history means a player is more likely to be injured in the future, not less likely.

  2. Ryu not worth it compared to what? A mystical number some accountant thought up? Since the Dodgers have flailed at every other FA, how about signing this one that had a great year last year and was a finalist for the Cy Young award? As long as Friedman is more concerned about salary budget that winning a World Serious, Dodgers will never be champions again.

  3. For Hyunjin, the Dodgers aren’t considered at all. Therefore, I hope to stop attention from Hyunjin. In short, this article is failed.

  4. Dodgers would be crazy to sign Ryu for 4 years and $80 mil. Crazy. Every year he is injured accept the last year on his contract – wonder why. Stupid to pay that money for for what will be a part-time player.

  5. Ryu’s performance this year should really be praised. When he faced the other ace, I never thought of losing. That in itself was a hope for the World Series. Injury and age are obviously important,
    too But I think what is more important is my belief in the players. I think Ryu Hyun-jin will give hope to fans for a long time. A club should give hope to its fans. Fans want hope.

  6. Rosenthal admitted on MLB network yesterday that, right after his article appeared, a number of industry people (whoever they are) refuted the claim citing Ryu’s injury history as the obstacle. No one wants to go 4 years with him. Even Boras can’t spin him out of it.
    Given he depends on location rather than velo, he probably remains effective as he ages a la Greinke and Hill so 3 years for $54M makes sense. Any more requires incentive clauses.

    1. Looks like the Dodgers will throw him a charity contract because he’s our guy and they like him. If literally no one else will sign him I doubt the Dodgers would leave him hanging

  7. Ryu has peaked, but is still way better than truly over-the-hill, grumpy old man Bumgarner.

    Ryu would be a fool to leave LA, the Dodgers have been extremely good to him already.

    Ryu is not worth the current Boras price tag and years. Simple as that.

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