Dodgers Add New Minority Owners: Robert L. Plummer, Alan Smolinski

The Los Angeles Dodgers have announced they have sold a minority share in the team to two investors.

The two new owners are Robert L. Plummer and Alan Smolinisky, who purchased less than 5% of the team, according to Bill Plunkett via Forbes.

The Guggenheim group originally started with five members and has now expanded to nine.

Dodgers Chairman Mark Walter will remain the controlling owner while Stan Kasten remains as the chief executive officer, according to the LA Times. Walter said in a press release he believes the deal will benefit the Dodgers.

“The two newest members are both civic-minded, accomplished businessmen and lifelong Dodger fans,” said Walter. “We are proud of having built a very strong ownership group, and Robert and Alan will certainly add to that strength. I look forward to having them join us for this exciting post-season run in October.”

Both Plummer and Smolinisky are lifelong Dodger fans.

Plummer is Chairman and CEO of R.P. Lumber Co., Inc., a retail home center and building materials supplier with locations in Illinois and Missouri.

“I have been a fan of the Dodgers since my Little League days, and my involvement with the club is a dream come true,” said Plummer.

Smolinisky is a Principal at Conquest Housing, a private investment company that operates in real estate, publicly-traded securities and other entrepreneurial ventures. He also is the owner of the Palisadian-Post, the more than 90-year-old newspaper serving Pacific Palisades.

“I’m a lifelong Dodger fan and to now be a part of their ownership group is an exciting opportunity and time for me and my family,” said Smolinisky.


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  1. Yippee for you we want a championship we don’t care that you’re excited and giddy that you and your family are going to make bank off the blind loyalty of the fans. Bet that 120 million infusion doesn’t go towards improving the bullpen this offseason

  2. Keenly rarely pitches back to back and had 4 out save
    Kelly should have been in
    Get control of closing Roberts
    One blown save in playoffs and kiss another World Series goodby

  3. I don’t understand the ownership philosophy of Guggenheim. Is it like selling shares to have more money, ie resources? Is it like buying into the board of directors to be able to say these are the people own the Dodgers. It doesn’t seem they need cash influx if they have cable contract, ticket sales etc. Just asking!

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