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Dodgers Agree to New Deal With LHP Scott Alexander

Today was the final day for the Dodgers to decide if they wanted to non-tender any players on their team. That means they could have decided to NOT offer any arbitration-eligible players a contract and thus made them a free agent.

The only Dodgers player really at risk for being non-tendered was Scott Alexander. Given the limited number of games he’s played as of late combined with his expected salary, many thought the team would choose to let him walk. Instead, Alexander is back with Los Angeles on a 1-year deal

Alexander will make $1 million in his return, which isn’t much for a reliever. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been nearly as effective as they had hoped when they traded for him back in 2018. In his 114 games with the Dodgers, Alexander has pitched to a marginal 3.57 ERA with 1.317 WHIP and 4.16 FIP. 

There are a lot of reasons to point at in terms of Alexander‘s lack of efficiency with the Dodgers. His walk rate shot up to 4 per 9 innings, and his groundball percentage has fallen off dramatically at times from what it was with Kansas City. 

But if the Dodgers can get him right, Alexander can be a huge addition to the bullpen that was missing in 2019. 

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  1. The Dodgers know Alexander’s potential and it is a low $ signing for potential help in the bullpen. Alexander had serious mechanical and physical issues last year. If they did not believe they can bring him around they would not have tendered him a guaranteed offer. It is that simple.
    This is another example of Friedman signing a low $ but high potential pitcher to the bullpen. Some work out like McGee others do not like Nelson. I am hoping the Dodgers sign Hand this year as they need bullpen help depending on how many of their free agents they sign and which rookies they bring up. Smart signing with low risk.

    1. Dodgers only have Kolarek and Gonzalez as LH relievers with Caleb Ferguson missing the 2021 season rehabbing from TJ surgery, so signing Alexander is a fall back option if they are unable to sign Hand, or McGee, or another LH’er (or via trade). Another possible reason why they signed him, they already have a team lined up for a trade. The other team willing to send a low level prospect to the Dodgers in payment so they would not have to try and sign Alexander as a free agent.

      1. How are you,Socalbum? It’s been a while and hope you and yours are healthy and safe during these tough times. Most likely a trade possibility as ya said. I trust like most fans here you would like to see JT re- signed as well.

      2. Good analysis. Alexander is a beneficiary of temporary shortage in releivers. He’s a cheap fallback plan. But we still need to pick up a closer to go with Graterol if Treinen or Baez walks. With Jansen being toast, we need bullpen help at the back end.

  2. The ground ball specialist who doesn’t throw strikes. I thought we’re supposed to be improving so we can repeat

    1. Are you referring to all the pitches that ends up in the dirt? This guy has no command of his pitches. Saw him throw 8 consecutive pitches that were near the dirt and after each pitch he was trying to groom his landing point. Both last year and this year this guy was terrible

  3. Nothing wrong with Alexander as BP depth, he pitched to a 2.00 ERA this season, til he gave up 2 runs closing out a 5 run lead in his last appearance. Other than that, gave up 2 runs all season. Peripherals not great, but $1M bullpen depth guys could be a lot worse.

  4. Alexander is a cheap insurance policy, who may be traded away before the 2021 season even starts. We need to see how the FA market develops. We have a lot of uncertainty with own free agent parts (Treinen, Baez, Wood). That requires some insurance. No minor leaguers got any MLB experience last year, they are far from ready for anything but short stints of MLB ball, although it is vital for them to get it in 2021. Right now they’re just getting older without getting closer to the MLB. Hey, I don’t like to pay insurance either, and like to go cheap. But you need it.

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