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Dodgers: Alex Verdugo Talks About Why He Uses Volver Volver For Walk-Up Music

Right now, the song ‘Volver Volver’ by Vicente Fernandez is all the rage. Within the post about the 2019 Dodgers team walk-up music, it got some attention in the comments. Of course, this made me curious about it. Now, I have a reason to look it up and pay attention.

Furthermore, it’s the song of choice of Dodgers’ young outfielder Alex Verdugo. On Friday, Verdugo spoke with David Vassegh of AM570 about why he chose the song to begin with.

The answer is a little better than why Cody Bellinger chose ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles. Here’s what Verdugo had to say about it:

That is something I like to listen to. My father growing up every time I am in the car with him, anytime I am cleaning the house, he would be playing Vicente and all these other artists. It is just something I grew up listening to. Being Mexican, we like to dance and we get emotional so when they listen, they love to hear it.

It’s kind of cool that Verudgo honors his Mexican heritage with his walk up song. Still, I have not heard the song until now. And if you’re like me, it’s time that you get a chance to experience it. Also, special shout out to Adrian Gonzalez who had one of the most memorable Dodgers’ walk-up songs ever. Please tell me you can still hear it in your head as clearly as I can.

Moreover, it’s always interesting to hear why certain players chose their walk-up music. Most of the time there is a cool story to go behind it. After all, music is what connects the soul to emotion.

My walk-up song was always Sister Christian by Night Ranger. The reason was I just liked how it hit and I constantly was looking for quarters to play it at the bar on the jukebox.

In the comments – tell us if you had a batter walk-up song – what song would it be and why?

2019 Dodgers Walk-Up Music

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  1. If I’m doing well, “Don’t stop me now” by Queen…c’mon, do I really have to explain that? It’s a perfect walk up.

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