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Dodgers: An Aerial Update of Dodger Stadium Renovations

As a nice aside from drama surrounding the Astros and broken trades this off-season has been the status of the renovations taking place at Dodger Stadium over the winter. While the club hasn’t provided an update since early December, YouTube user John Kay has been keeping a keen eye on the stadium with his drone.

This upload from Saturday, February 8 shows an area beyond the outfield that looks far from ready.

One person with knowledge of the renovations spoke with about concerns with the stadium being fully ready in time for opening day. However, the expectation is that the ballpark should “ready enough to operate” by the time the Giants come to town on March 26.

In case you missed the news, last July, the Dodgers announced a $100M renovation plan for the venerable Los Angeles institution.

Part of the announced plans included new homerun seating along the pavilions — which you can see progressing in Kay’s video — and the creation of a centerfield plaza (which is nowhere to be found yet) among other amenities. Dodgers VP Janet Marie Smith expanded on new additions earlier this off-season while adding that there isn’t “a minute to spare” before the final week of March.

That last part is 100% believable. 

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While the date of Thursday, March 26th has often been focused in on, truthfully the park needs to be operational before Monday the 23rd. The Dodgers will welcome the Angels to the stadium for their annual preseason freeway series. Two of the three games are hosted in Los Angeles this year.

After the official season opener on the 26th, the club will play 6 games at home before hitting the road for 8 days. The likelihood that construction continues at the stadium into the season is high. With the 91st All-Star game coming to LA mid-July, the organization will undoubtedly want things to be perfect for the exhibition.

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  1. A couple of years ago the Dodgers did a complete remodel of the clubhouse, removing and rebuilding seats, dugouts, interior additions all in one off season. That work appeared to be more invasive and a structurally large remodel.

    The Pavillions and “front door” appears to be a much more straight forward build and not as extensive as the previous mentioned remodel. Don’t see how this gets done before opening day.

  2. I think Roberts the lackey threw the playoffs last year because they needed all the time they could get for this remodel

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