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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Talks David Price Outlook for 2021

The Dodgers landing Mookie Betts in a trade with the Red Sox was easily one of the best moves last offseason. But the addition of David Price in the deal might have been the most underrated move that the team made.

Unfortunately for the Dodgers and David Price, the coronavirus had other plans for 2020. Price ultimately chose to opt-out of the season at Summer Camp for the safety of his family. While we were all very understanding of his decision, it did take away from the rotation potential. 

And now, heading into the 2021 season, there are still question marks surround Price. Dodgers President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman gave some input on his situation to The Athletic this week, and it sounds like DP is ready to go. 

It’s hard to say without putting eyes on him. But, just knowing David and knowing his work ethic and the type of competitor he is, we could easily look back at the end of the 2020 season and feel like him taking this blow put him in the best position to go out in 2021 and be really good. Talking to him, he’s eager to get back out and help his teammates get a ring and excited about what’s ahead.

If Price is planning on playing during the 2021 season, it drastically changes the Dodgers strategy. Without him, the likelihood of the team being in on a starting either this offseason would be much higher. Instead, they will be able to slot Price in right behind Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler. 

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  1. Didn’t we win a world series last year without Price? Do we really need him? May and Gonsolin have another year under their belts (admittedly short season). Other young guys in the system need to get some MLB time. Price was an OK insurance policy last year, until he pulled out of the season entirely. But I don’t think we need any insurance with SP’s in 2021. I would trade Price for prospects, and reduce the salary load. We do need a legit shutdown closer though.

    1. No one pitched many innings last year so there’s real concern about injuries this year. I suspect teams – certainly the Dodgers – will use as many as 7 starting pitchers. Of course it may again be a shorten season which will change everything.

      1. I project a 2021 season start date of June 1. I don’t have anything soecific to support that. But baseball needs fans to sustain itself. Vaccinations are going to trickle down to regular people at the bottom of the tiered approach, probably in April or May. That’s whats going to bring most fans back. It’s more about getting politicians to back off lockdowns than it is about the actual disease. But vaccinations are probably the only thing that will cut through the politics, and allow a return to real life with real fans in the stands instead of nonpaying cardboard cutouts.

  2. No one at this point knows what the season will look like. I am 69. I am told vaccines for us older Americans might start in March? Maybe APRIL? It takes almost a month between the shots so you are not 94% plus immune until a week after the second shot.
    So far the estimates say most of the population gets vaccinated in May-July? So do the math.
    With that said I agree I do not think the Dodgers really need Price as May & Gonsolin can pitch and the Dodgers have Gray as their #1 prospect with others also competing to get to the show.
    The Dodgers have the possibility of almost two rotations. Barring a trade it will be interesting to see how things play out.

  3. I don’t like Price. I think we are better off without him. We should plan to allocate the $16 mill we save next year on Liam, Trevor Baur, a right handed bat or just keeping JT. Price is old. We never really wanted him in that deal anyway. Works for us that he’s sissying out.

    1. Its your choice to not like someone, but yoh doy even know David Price! And you don’t know his family and their health risks. I’ll leave the decision on accepting him to the players and front office, so far they seem to be ok w him.

      1. I agree with you, Daniel. Everybody is entitled to his own opinion and if David Price was allowed to opt out of 2020 for safety reasons it’s was ok with the Dodgers. I have heard nothing but great things about Price and I’m sure the Dodgers will do what’s right for him and them.

  4. I hope Price either retires or is traded. The Dodgers don’t need a guy who quit on them in a championship season. He’s the only Dodger I can’t root for.

  5. While I understand all the comments here, and agree the Dodgers don’t need Price, and want to see the young guys get a shot, he has an excellent reputation as a great guy, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he came back and had a really excellent performance. Plenty of pitchers have been great at his age, and he does have an elite history. I’m happy to have him on the team, and if his performance warrants it, a slot in the starting 5. With the inevitable injuries, there should be plenty of work for 6 starters, and in a typical year, more than that.

    1. He does not have an “excellent reputation as a great guy.” In fact, he has a reputation as an A-hole. I don’t want him near the Dodgers.

      1. “If you ask anybody that ever met or anyone who’s ever been around David, character has never been an issue. He’s the best teammate I ever had. He continues to be one of the best mentors in my life. It’s comical to me when I read things questioning his character. He’s a role model to every single guy who comes into that clubhouse.” marcus stroman

        “He’s awesome,’’ three-time Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw says, “you can tell he’s genuinely invested in everybody. It’s easy for a starting pitcher to get caught up in your own routine, but he’s helping everyone.’’

        Says Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner: “I think he got a bad rep from the media in Boston. I’ve had a lot of teammates here that come from Boston and told me how tough it is over there to deal with. But everyone I talked to, everyone who knows David, loves him to death.

        “He’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had,” Betts said.

        1. I don’t expect current teammates to crap on the guy. I have a friend in the Red Sox organization (front office). They were glad to see him go. And it wasn’t because of salary relief.

          Oh, and good teammates don’t quit on their teams.

  6. IF he decides to come back, Friedman could ask him to re-structure his deal. He’s owed $64 mil for the next two years. Give him a $6 mil signing bonus for 2021, then a 10-year contract for $6.4 mil per year, long into his retirement. Frees up $26 mil this year (most importantly) as well as 2022.

    1. Boston’s paying half his salary; the Dodgers are on the hook for 16M this year and next. Personally, I think he’s worth it and will put up some numbers.

    2. Boston is paying half his salary, Dodgers are only in for $16M this year and next. And there is zero reason for Price or any other player to defer money already guaranteed, those millions properly invested will earn tens of millions more over 10 years. Would you lock up your money for 10 years for no reason?

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