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Dodgers Being Sued By Man Attacked in the Stadium Parking Lot

The Dodgers fanbase was probably hoping for some good news in the midst of all this COVID-19 chaos, but alas, that is not what we bring today. Dodger Stadium has seen a drastic uptick in security over the last few decades, most notably due to the Bryan Stow incident. As it turns out, all of that extra security might not still be enough.

The Dodgers are facing a lawsuit from a fan that claims he was attacked in the parking lot after a game in March of 2019. The 45-year-old man and his wife are maintaining that the stadium lacked adequate security, leading to the man’s assault and subsequent brain damage. 

Rafael Reyna was apparently walking to his car when he was punched and kicked repeatedly by a group of men following the end up a game. Reyes spent days in a medically induced coma from when he fell and hit his head during the assault. Part of the lawsuit also claims that the Dodgers’ parking lot also lacked safe lighting as well.

As we all yearn for the return of baseball, this lawsuit reminds everyone that no team … can ever put their own thirst for profits over the safety of their loyal fans. 

Reyes’ lawyer issued that statement above in regard to the lawsuit, alleging that the Dodgers have purposely cut back on stadium security. Joe Jareck, the team’s spokesman, declined to comment on the lawsuit when asked by reporters. 

Dodger Stadium, like any other ballpark in baseball, has experienced it’s share of violence in the past. Bryan Stow was attacked after a game in 2011. and was left with permanent brain damage. Two men pleaded guilty and that case and were sent to prison as a result, with the Dodgers paying out part of an $18 million settlement. 

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  1. The problem with all sports today is, teams have become similar to gangs. Jerseys and team loyalty are at times like gang affiliation and as Los Angeles leads the nation in gangs, this can present a problem. The Raider fan of the past, is the new Dodger fan of today Couple that, with how Dodger Stadium pumps as much alcohol into these testosterone filled fans. Then, they are sprung loose into an unsupervised parking lot. It can only spell trouble. Police and security fill the stadium before the game, but once the game is over, it’s every man for himself. About the fifth inning, you can already spot who the problem fans will be, but they always seem to return to their seats with two tall-cans in their hands.
    I’m sure if I had a party at my house and I provided the alcohol, and a party goer had an accident, the authorities would be looking at me for responsibility.

  2. I hate to say it but this all started a long time ago. And of the meanest teams in football had a hand in it too, if not the meanest.(raiders) I may be starting a fight here or many will agree and are glad I said it because they want to be badass. And that’s what happens when you act like you are and talk crap with other people, and that’s how things start. If you are not badass don’t act it and don’t boast cry about a stupid game and it’s stupid because stupid people make it that way. It’s all blown out of proportion. Show-offs and braggers with loud mouths and drunken minds get everything screwed up. Then someone gets hurt or dies and it may even be the one that started the whole thing, then you’ll someone crying, oh no not my son, he’s good boy, he wouldn’t do anything like that. So what now? More security? More cameras everywhere to catch who is telling the truth? Have someone watching the cameras to catch things going wrong and send security to stop it before it gets worse? Somehow sell less beer to the public? Stop selling in the 7th inning. Some people still get liqueur into the stadium, believe it or not, I have witnessed it. I almost pulled down the JA at a game but he decided to go somewhere else. Have spotters to check on drunken people and escort them out if need be? You can use any of my ideas just give me credit in some form. Let’s all get along, It’s just a game.

  3. They should be sued. They have yet to have decent security in the parking lot. Strange ownership group

  4. First thing, we as Dodger fans have to be better. And ownership has to be better in regards to fan safety in the parking lot. With that said, why is this stuff front page news only when it happens at Dodger Stadium? Fan fights happen at literally every pro stadium in the world. It’s a common occurrence at soccer stadiums in Europe. But when it happens with the Dodgers, it’s front page news. A Giants fan KILLED a Dodger fan in SF, nobody ever mentions that. People always act like these people who get beat up are completely innocent. More often then not, they’re the ones who instigate it. I was at the game where Bryan Stow got beat up and Giants fans were out of their damn minds that day. They were parading up and down the aisles waving their World Series shirts in our faces instigating everything. In no way am I saying Stow isn’t a victim, he is and it still pisses me of that happened to him. And those two guys that jumped him can rot in hell. But DAMN. I’m sick and tired of everybody acting like this only happens with Dodger fans.

  5. Like that one guy said, always news when it happened in Dodger stadium. After that incident in 2011 at Dodger stadium the following year I believe a Dodger fan was killed in a San Fransisco Giants parking lot. Why wasn’t there any follow up on that down south? Wasn’t there a case? Didn’t that man’s family sue? Besides that, something does have to be done in Dodger stadium and all others. Is there any baseball stdium that hasn’t had an incident this bad? Are there better stadiums? If so why doesn’t someone check into this and get things changed in our stadium for the better?

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