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Dodgers: Blake Treinen Not Trying to Steal Closer’s Role from Kenley Jansen

The Dodgers’ best free agent signing this off-season has been right-handed reliever Blake Treinen. They don’t call him ‘The Witch’ for nothing. He has some of the filthiest stuff in baseball. He recently joined in on an interview for MLB Network Radio and discussed the Dodgers and Kenley Jansen:

Praising Kenley

Blake Treinen does not appear to be interested in taking Kenley’s spot:

“Kenley’s still got some nasty stuff and plenty of years ahead of him. I look at him and I’m blessed to be around him. I’m just trying to learn from him.

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Treinen on Role

Treinen believes that the Dodgers were the best fit for him this off-season:

“For me, it is really simple — it is the Dodgers game plan to keep me healthy to let be in situations to succeed. It is to use me for big outs. I would be lying if I sat here and said that I didn’t ever want to be a closer again, but I didn’t choose the Dodgers because I wanted to go be a closer. I chose the Dodgers because it was a great situation for me and my family and I feel like I have something I can bring to that as well. There were options out there where I could have had an easier route to the ninth inning, but I’m not trying to pitch the ninth. I’m not trying to pitch the eighth or the seventh. I am just trying to pitch for meaningful outs.”

Treinen Willing to ‘Absorb’

The right-hander seems like he is beyond ready for the upcoming season and he could be a huge member of the club in 2020:

“That team is best when Kenley Jansen is the closer. This is the first opportunity I have had to talk about it because I don’t really care to talk too much about the role in L.A., but Kenley is nasty. I have played against that guy for six or seven years now and every year he has a great year. Just being on a team with him and the guys in that bullpen, I’m looking to walk away learning and being better by being around him. It’s like the osmosis process — hopefully I absorb some of their greatness.”

As most know by now, Treinen was one of the best relief options for any ballclub in 2018. However, injuries and mechanical issues lead to the worst season of his six-year career in 2019. After posting career highs in ERA, FIP, home runs, and walks last season, the new Dodger will be Mark Prior’s first reclamation project as pitching coach for LA.

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  1. Kenley will be better in ’20. And we do have to remember that Treinan is a reclamation project. He is not going to get handed a job. He will need to win a 7th or 8th inning role. Baez in particular may have something to say about it. But competition, and Treinan looking at ’21 and incentives will go a long way. Could have a positive domino effect.

  2. Everyone the boy wonder signs seems to be a reclamation project. He hit on Fernando Rodney way back when and still trying to find another one. Someone needs to tell him he’s running the Dodges now and not the Raydgers! And when is someone going to list all the moves he’s made since taking over (including all the Latino gems)

  3. Everybody thinks the new guy is going to be a beast. Last year, everybody had Kelly as the 8th inning guy before spring training even started, despite his lifetime record being the worst of anybody else in the bullpen. This guy Treinen was just released by Oakland, but some people think he’s better than Jansen. Upside is one thing, reality another.

  4. Can anyone let Friedman know that I just drafted a couple of kids on my Little league team that can help with the closer job. He wouldn’t have to pay them much – just give them some candy and a couple of Big Macs

  5. Andy the second coming of Paul DePodesta who’s now driving the Browns off the cliff. Wonder boy thinks he’s still in Tampa. Go Raydgers. Dumpster diving and reclamation projects way to win a ring

  6. Love Blake’s attitude. If he comes through in the 7th or 8th innings, the Dodgers will be great this year!

  7. Someone needs to step up and take the closer role away from Kenley. How long do you ride a broken down horse? In baseball you should have to earn your role each year or when you no longer perform as required.

  8. Please take it away from Jansen. … Hes done showed it the last 2 years … But our trusted manager won’t see it that way and put jansen in so he can blow another lead

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