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Dodgers: Watch Gavin Lux Chug Beer With Todd Gurley At LA Kings Game

As you may or may not know, Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Gavin Lux grew up in Wisconsin. Therefore, he’s no stranger to the affinity of beer (and cheese among other delights).

During this past week, Lux and teammate Matt Beaty took in an Los Angeles Kings game at Staples Center against the Dallas Stars. While what happened in the game is secondary, the camera panned and caught Lux in the company of some famous guests. Notably, Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley was in Lux’s entourage.

Furthermore, the video shows the now-21 year old and legal Lux slamming a beer along with Gurley and others having a great time.


Of course, the association I make here is Lux’s love for the Milwaukee Brewers as a kid. Without question, he could give Bernie Brewer or any other beer drinking legend of the past or present a run for his money.

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Finally, Gurley is the champion of all champions when you watch his form.

Truly, what would you have put the odds of Lux, Beaty, and Gurley all hanging out together at a hockey game slugging beers? The lesson here is that in Los Angeles, all things are possible. And sports are always great. Especially when athletes don’t leave town and get bored during their respective off-season.

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  1. Great, just what I want to see from a rookie who’s proven nothing so far.Typical millennial.

    1. It’s the Hollywood attitude. Bellinger has it too that’s why he faded last year instead of staying true to what he learned when he was needed most

  2. Maybe spirits will slow down that bat when they throw him 85 in the dirt! Because he looked like Pollock missing by a foot…

  3. I’m still a Dodger fan since 1952 when they where Brooklyn and since 1958 when they came. I bleed Dodger Blue like Tommy .

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