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Dodgers Caught in the Crossfire in Discrimination Lawsuit Involving Major Airline

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been caught in the crossfire of a discrimination lawsuit by two United Airlines flight attendants for being removed from working LA’s charter flights due to their appearance.

Darby Quezada and Dawn Todd filed the lawsuit on Wednesday, October 25, alleging they were removed from working Dodgers’ United Airlines charter flights due to not being young, White and thin.

Their attorney Sam S. Yebri said in a prepared statement recovered by the Orange County Register:

“Major American corporations like United Airlines must understand that it is illegal to make staffing decisions based on an employee’s race and looks, even if it is meant to please major clients like the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“United’s blatantly discriminatory staffing decisions allowed the cancer of racism and antisemitism to metastasize on the flights themselves.”

Quezada and Todd have both worked for United for over 15 years. Quezada is of Black, Mexican and Jewish descent while Todd is Black, per the Orange County Register’s report.

This isn’t the first lawsuit alleging this type of behavior, and following the initial lawsuit, Quezada and Todd went through an extensive interview process before landing the roles on these crews.

However, the lawsuit alleges that in 2022, they were replaced by White, female attendants who didn’t have to go through the same interview process. Here’s what the lawsuit had to say:

“When Todd and Quezada asked United why certain flight attendants were added to the ‘dedicated crew’ or ‘dedicated list’ without having to interview like they did, Todd and Quezada were told that these White flight attendants fit a ‘certain look’ that the Dodgers’ players liked.”

The lawsuit describes more alleged racist and antisemitic behavior, which you can read about by clicking here.

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  1. No case here. Those affected still work for United. Companies can choose whomever they want on private charter. Tiresome to see the race card pulled time and again.

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