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Dodgers’ CEO Discusses Paying Employees and Rescheduling the All-Star Game

It’s a strange time indeed when the topic is paying Dodgers employees in march rather than talking Spring Training games. Team President and CEO Stan Kasten took the time to talk this week about how the team plans to take care of workers and players, as well as plans for the season.

In regards to the Dodgers finally getting to play baseball, Kasten might be as clueless as we are. He does acknowledge that plenty of conversations are being had every day to get a better idea of what to expect. 

We literally have conference calls of one kind or another every day – whether it’s with staff or outside experts or MLB – on various topics in our business. There’s just a lot going on. It’s very complicated.

The Dodgers do not know when games will be played, and that puts employees in a tough spot. Many were worried about whether or not they would have jobs that they relied on starting in March. The team took care of those worries earlier this week when they announced a $1 million commitment to stadium employees.

Nearly 4 million fans pass through our gates each year, and it wouldn’t be possible without the amazing service provided by our great game-day staff that makes the Dodger Stadium experience so special. These are challenging economic times and we want to make sure that we support those in this committed group that may be having a particularly difficult time.

In regards to Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, your guess is as good as his. Kasten advised that until they are told otherwise, the Dodgers will proceed as if they are still hosting it this July. 

No, it has not (been discussed). I can only go by what all of us know right now and we don’t know much. … It certainly is still planned if we start playing. But I don’t know when that will be.

The league has not officially made any comments on the All-Star Game, but it seems increasingly likely that it will need to be moved at the least. Baseball likely will not be allowed to start regular-season games until June at this point, leaving just a month of games to be played. 

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  1. The employees are not being paid, and the dodgers have not communicated at all with employees.

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