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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Unsure of an Extension With Los Angeles

The 2021 season will be a first in many ways for Dodgers fans. It will be the first time they get to see Trevor Bauer in uniform after a mega-deal. The first time they see players wearing electronic contact tracing devices. And unfortunately, the first time that they will watch Clayton Kershaw pitch without a contract guaranteed beyond this year. 

Kershaw is entering his age 33 season in the final year of a 3-year deal. He opted out of his last contract in 2018 that had 2 years remaining in order to get another guaranteed year. But as of right now, there have been no conversations with the Dodgers to get him extended beyond this year. 

The LA Times Jorge Castillo recently spoke with the veteran southpaw and future Hall of Fame pitcher about his career moving forward. For Kershaw, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding his future with the Dodgers and with baseball in general. When asked if he wanted an extension from Los Angeles, his answer was short but worrisome for fans. 

I don’t know. Honestly, I wish I had an answer.

Kershaw went on to explain how much he loves Los Angeles and how thankful he is to be a part of the organization. But his family has always been his number one priority, and the kids are growing up. Traveling to LA to play for the Dodgers means pulling them out of their schools and taking them on road trips all season. Now that their oldest is 6 years old, there are questions about the future. 

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The good news for Dodgers fans is that there is no reason to believe that they could not afford to keep him in LA for life. However long that he wants to play, you can bet Andrew Friedman and his front office will make that happen. 

The only question now is what Clayton wants. If he wants to play baseball but is tired of the grind and complications of Los Angeles, maybe he finishes out his career in Dallas. But after a World Series win and reaching the pinnacle of professional baseball on every level, maybe he would be ready to walk away. 

Whatever he ultimately decides to do, he will forever be a part of the Dodgers organization. This is his 14th year playing professional baseball in Los Angeles, with 3 Cy Young awards and an MVP to his name. Let’s run it back for Kersh in 2021. 

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  1. Kershaw is a family man and very religious. He sponsors charities all over the world. As he has not moved from TX we can guess he may decide to play his final contract near home.
    No one should be surprised as family comes first. LA has been able to enjoy this man at the top of his craft. Wish him the best however it turns out next year.
    This year we all hope he is as dominant as 2020.

    1. Very likely the scenario that’ll play out; Sure can’t blame him if that’s the way he plays it. I’d say 67% he goes; 33% he stays.

    1. Other Great superstars who played for more than one team e.g. Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzjy, Tom Brady, Lebron James, Peyton Manning, Mookie Betts. It happens, circumstsnces arise.

  2. Doesn’t sound like a “home town” discount is in the cards to keep Kershaw in LA. Gonna be hard because he’s probably not worth $30 million a year to the team going forward.

  3. Keeping Kershaw is vital. Contract length and pay are the complicated issues. He’s played, his entire career, in L.A., for winners. Playing in Dallas, for an average team, doesn’t have much appeal to a future Hall of Famer and a World Series Champion.

  4. Sounds like Kershaw wants to end his career closer to home i.e. one of the Texas teams? Same goes for Seager, North Carolina. Look I want players that Want to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. That could of been Arenado, now it looks like the Cardinals are a threat. At least Bauer said he wanted to plsy for tbe Dodgers.

  5. Alex Wood and now Jake McGee? The Giants are really stocking up. Who’s next Yasiel Puig?

  6. Kershaw will always have the gratitude of the Dodger fans. I liked Chase Utley when he played for the Dodgers, but he will always be a Philly. Just same, Kershaw will always be a Dodger to me. That being said, I still hope he stays until he retires.

  7. Newsflash! The Dodgers are set up to be going deep into the playoffs for the next decade as long as they play their pitching cards right. They are young and stacked. 3B and LF may become a worry but Seager at 3rd and a nice trade of prospects in the coming years for a top end LF and the NL is theirs to lose

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