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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Breaks First-Year Arbitration Record with New Contract

Dodgers first baseman and outfielder Cody Bellinger has set another record. This time, though, it was with the money and not with the bat. The 2019 National League MVP will be receiving $11.5 million in his first year of arbitration, a new MLB record. The previous record was held by Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant at $10.85 million.

This will set up Bellinger for a very high pace in his future arb years that could allow him to get paid at or around $30 million in his final arb year.

Bellinger put together the best season of his career and appears to only be on the upward trend as we move forward.

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Today was the deadline for all players to either agree to terms with their clubs to avoid arbitration or decide to take it to a hearing. Andrew Friedman has a five year streak of not going to arbitration with any of his eligible players. All terms have yet to come out, but it seems like the Dodgers are on pace to do it again. The Dodgers also agreed to terms with Kiké Hernandez, Corey Seager, and Ross Stripling amongst others.

It is always a good practice to avoid going to a hearing with your players and especially your stars. The Dodgers were able to avoid just that by agreeing to terms with their best offensive star.

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Daniel Preciado

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  1. Why don’t you stop being a Hollywood playboy and focus on executing what you’re taught for an entire season and postseason for a change. This guy had such a great 3 months that he was able to sit on it the rest of the way for an MVP, imagine if he could stay focused and disciplined and into October

  2. Donnie C, are you saying you have seen Cody at Hollywood parties? Lucky you. Is he as good looking in person as he is on T.V? However does he produce with so many hangovers?

    “Baseball may be a religion full of magic, cosmic truth, and the fundamental ontological riddles of our time, but it’s also a job.”
    -Annie Savoy

    1. Stfu with your corny movie quotes and his whole attitude is Hollywood he’s like those young Lakers who had to be shipped out because they couldn’t stay focused

      1. your attitude sucks to put it mildly. Annie is just as entitled to her opinion as you are to yours. She asked you a question and you ignored her so you made it up about Hollywood Playboy. Cody had a phenomenal year. He’s young and still learning so lets see if he can save some of his best hitting for postseason.

  3. At least the Dodgers finally paid someone. It must have strained some rarely used muscles to to open that wallet that wide.

    1. funny how they lead the NL in player salaries year after year. they pay these players plenty. and they deserve it – lets see them break the bank this season and win the World Series!

  4. What an insult to Cody Bellinger, Dodgers only willing to pay the reigning NL MVP, Gold Glove Winner $11.5 million, while they were so generous giving $10 million to a third tier reliever Blake Treinen who’s never won anything. They should have given Cody at least $25 million. I bet Cody leaves the cheapskate Dodgers when he becomes FA.

    1. No – they made him the best offer in MLB history for a player of his service, age, etc. He’s not going anywhere, except hopefully to downtown LA this fall when the Dodgers celebrate their World Series Championship!

    2. He won that mvp on 3 months of performance and was a complete no show in the playoffs. He’s getting paid what he’s worth at this juncture of all junctures

  5. He’s proven to be a no show in every post season. Total bust in both WS. Like to see stats on how all hitters do against top quality pitching. They keep stats on every other stupid factor.

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