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Dodgers: Gavin Lux Predicted to be 2020’s Top Rookie

The Dodgers have an excellent history in raising up homegrown talent and transforming them into stars. Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger both won Rookie of the Year awards within the last few seasons and the Dodgers might have another one in the form of middle infielder Gavin Lux.

Dustin May, Will Smith, and Tony Gonsolin will all be eligible for Rookie of the Year voting in 2020 and any one of them could win, but according to’s prospect evaluator Jim Callis, Gavin Lux ranks at the top of the league:

Callis reports that Lux received 90% of the votes given to NL prospects from executives, 35% overall.

Other top MLB prospects like Angels outfielder Jo Adell, A’s left-hander Jesus Luzardo, and Rays two-way player Brendan McKay will certainly be in the running for their own AL Rookie of the Year award and the title for best rookie in the league. In the National League, there is very limited competition with just Mackenzie Gore, the top pitching prospect in the league, potentially going to be in the mix. Gore will likely be called up for the latter half of the season.

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Lux was not exactly a world-beater when he came up with the big league club, but it would have been entirely unreasonable to have expected him to be. He needs time just as Cody Bellinger did to become an MVP.

Expect Lux to find his groove in 2020 and hopefully boost the World Series odds of the Dodgers this season.

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  1. I still see Lux as a trading chip. He hasn’t proven anything yet. Everyone thinks he will be the greatest thing since sliced bread. But at the present he is an unproven excess left-handed bat. Here’s the deal. If you have a player that you strongly believe will be great, but nobody else does, you keep him, and can even pay him a meager salary, until he proves his greatness. That’s not the case with Lux. Everybody in baseball seems to have ordained him as the second coming of (pick whoever you think is the greatest player in the history of baseball). That is precisely what makes him a top of line trading chip. If he has even a mediocre year this season, the optimistic bubble will burst, and his trade value will collapse. In the meantime, the Dodgers are in dire need of a proven frontline starter to go with Buehler and Kershaw. They also have a pressing need for a right handed power hitter. I know that I am going against the grain, because everyone thinks Lux will be great, and Dodger fans want to keep him for that reason. But it is precisely that unproven yet widespread perception of future greatness that makes him so valuable as a trading chip. If he was a right handed hitter, I would say keep him. But the Dodgers have alot of proven quality left-handed hitters who have lower trade values than Lux. If you want to aquire high value players in a trade, you have to give up high value. Right now Lux’s high trade value is more perceived than proven. But the Dodgers could get a proven player by trading him.

  2. All I can add is there are some on other blogs who feel a RH impact is not necessary but I don’t necessarily agree here I am not saying Lux is a guy to deal but as for Bellinger’s sake a good RHB to bat 5th behind him would mean Bellinger won’t be pitched around all the time. I know it won’t happen but the player I would deal Lux for is Arenado of the Rockies. Nolan has a full no trade clause meaning he can veto any trade. He would wave it to go to Dodgers and sooner or later the Rockies may find that he won’t accept any trade unless it’s a deal with Dodgers. He determines where he will go and if nothing else, he will opt out of his deal with Rockies after 2021 anyway, especially if the Rockies continue to be below.500

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