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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Not Impressed With Houston’s Apology

If you were one of the many Dodgers fans that were unhappy with the Astros bad apology, you’re not alone. Los Angeles’ 2019 MVP sounded off to media on Friday morning, voicing his displeasure with how Houston handled the situation.

Here’s the full video as well:

It’s pretty clear that Bellinger is annoyed by the lack of heart in the apology issued by the Astros. And can you blame him? Jim Crane essentially defended the team’s actions, while Josh Reddick felt he didn’t owe any of his former teammates a direct apology. That would include Dodgers teammates.

Bellinger went on to express his anger with the punishments issued to Houston as well.

I thought Manfred’s punishment was weak, giving them immunity. I mean these guys were cheating for three years. I think what people don’t realize is Altuve stole an MVP from Judge in ’17. Everyone knows they stole the ring from us.

While Bellinger certainly is not the first player to be direct when talking about his displeasure with the Astros, he is the first LA player to REALLY sound off. The directness of mentioning players like Altuve and the fact that they took the World Series from Los Angeles in 2017 has not been a reoccurring thing in the Dodgers’ media cycle.

But it is clear that the press conference put on by the Astros yesterday got to Cody. Here’s hoping that we get more players to give their opinions on the Trashtros’ apology.

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  1. Who cares if they apologize. What’s it really worth? Correa is the only stand up guy that appears sincere. I’m just glad the arrogant clowns won’t be flaunting a superior attitude during games anymore. Especially Bregman who couldn’t get enough mugging for the camera.

  2. Not one person sounded convincing just a couple knew how to put on an act. George Springer was the worst of them all he didn’t even pretend

    1. Don, The Astros are ALL FULL OF SINNERS!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope the opposing pitchers give them as much ‘chin music’ this year as they deserve it in every sense of the word!

    1. Your post could show up a day later lol that happens a lot around here, out of nowhere a bunch of old comments will appear

      1. Yeah, if they are going to “moderate” comments they need to get to them much quicker!

        1. I hope pitchers break their hands.Not saying throw at their heads but do break their hands to terminate their careers since Manfred doesn’t have the balls to suspend them for life but does keep rejecting Pete Rose to be eligible to Hall Of Fame,What a moron.I’m sure he got paid to reduce punishment to this crime organisation(astros).No Mercy On Astros.

  3. I’m glad one of the Dodgers spoke up. The Trashro’s are cheaters period. People should boycott the sport and not support it. The 2017 title belongs in LA period. The commissioner and the owner of the ASStros are trash. Thanks for ruining the integrity of the game me and my family once loved. Screw MLB for allowing this the happen with minor penalties. Strip Houston of the trophy.

  4. I thought Correa sounded like at least he was sincere and understood the ramifications. I know that Altuve and Bregman were reading scripts, but they should have just put the paper down, looked the camera in the eye and said they were sorry. Yeah, an ‘apology’ doesn’t change things, but if they want us to ‘move on’ they need to take some responsibility. And, no, they were the perpetrators, they don’t have the right to tell anyone else to “get over it.” They have – to use the popular phrase – to ‘wear it’ until every one else decides it’s over. When Crane fired Hinch and Luhnow i thought he was stepping up, but now it appears he only did it to have people to blame besides himself and the players. How do you say it was a “leadership” problem but that as the owner, he isn’t responsible? He could least say that he didn’t provide enough oversight. But no, he is as much a “victim” as anyone. Give me a break.

  5. It was hilarious when Bregmans paper flew away as he was doing his bogus trembling

  6. To bad the owner Jim Crane along with the players did not have the integrity to hand over the 2017 trophy and their rings and Man Up and say we apologize we didn’t deserved this we cheated.

  7. Fans and everyone else have been vocal in condemning the Astros. But I was glad to see one of the leading Dodger players come out and say the same thing. Not only did Manfred give blanket immunity to the Astros, and by extension, any other cheating players in MLB, he also issued a cover-up gag order to the Dodgers. I’m glad Bellinger broke that order. It’s never right to tell someone, especially the victim of a crime, that they can’t speak truthfully. I hope the Dodgers play with a chip on their shoulder this year, a little extra motivation to go all the way. They have the weapons to do it now.

  8. Someone needs to tell Bellinger that it’s a bad look for him outside LA. All the assumptions don’t matter. It just seems like it’s illogical ranting . Let your play do the talking.

    1. Shut up already RC you obviously haven’t been paying attention to all the other players saying the same things. I say it looks good outside LA the only place it doesn’t look good is in Houston with their delusional fans

  9. I remember how impressed people were of how little they struck out. Knowing every pitch will help with that

  10. Bellinger definitely did not hold back in showing his disdain for the Astros’ actions. And as for the Astros’ “apologies”, there is absolutely nothing those players can say that will suffice because the apologies are self-serving. What the Astros regret is that they got caught and now the Astros team, as well as individual players’, image is as (or more) tarnished as the Black Sox. These players, with complete and utter disregard for the effect on others, cheated for an entire season plus. So, it will take more than tears welling up in the eyes…. hands shaking….emphatic declarations that no buzzers were used… or Dusty Baker’s presence to make this scandal go away. Sometimes the court of public opinion can be very harsh.

  11. The thing that EVERYBODY is saying after the press conference is, they have to lose the rings. They have to have the trophy withdrawn. No winner of the ’17 series. Because cheating deserves punishment.

  12. To anyone who was critical of the Dodgers picking up Tyler White last August. White was an Astro during the cheating era of 2017-19. It’s logical to think he shared a few cheating tidbits with his new employer and teammates. Otherwise, how would the Dodgers have known to tip the Nationals re the Astros’ cheating ways? White may have been obtained for just that reason: to help confirm rumors about the Astros, so the Dodgers could deal with the cheating in the event they played the Astros in the World Series. Happily, the Nats beat the Astros all four games in Houston, despite continued cheating. I believe Nats catcher Kurt Suzuki’s claim that the Astros were still cheating in the WS.

  13. Baseball owners need to kick out wimpy corrupted commissioner out of office and get a real one with balls to suspend all cheaters from Astros and redsox.Cause that is worse than steroids use.

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