Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Sits Again, Insists It Wasn’t a TopGolf Injury

The Dodgers will be without their reigning MVP for another game as Cody Bellinger continues to sit. After a night of TopGolf became well known on social media, fans and reporters had some questions for Bellinger. He insists that the golfing was not related to his back soreness. 

Bellinger was seen on social media absolutely demolishing golf balls at a TopGolf in Arizona the night before the issue surfaced. Check out this clip below and judge for yourself. 

Most golfers will know what I mean when I say that a back hurting after golfing isn’t unusual. But Bellinger is convinced (or trying to convince everyone else) that the back issue was not a result of that. He will continue to sit, but he says he will be fine for a full workout with the Dodgers on Wednesday. At least he feels well enough to crack jokes about it. 

AJ Pollock gets the start in centerfield while Matt Beaty will be playing first base. 

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  1. Hey! What have I been saying? I’ve seen this year after year. These guys are doing things they’re not supposed to do every year. They try to hide the injuries but it shows on the field. They are making their millions so it doesn’t matter to them that they miss some time on the field. But to hurt the team you call your teammates and lose games, that’s uncalled for.

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