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Dodgers Continue to be Linked to Red Sox Outfielder Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts. MVP. Huge smile. Dynamic. Could he be headed to Los Angeles? There is a real shot, according to multiple sources around the league.

Betts is set to be a free agent at the conclusion of the 2020 season and the Boston Red Sox are said to be interested in cutting payroll this season. The Dodgers definitely have the assets to be able to pull a trade of this caliber off, but will they? There appears to be some semblance of a chance.

Jim Bowden of The Athletic proposed a Dodgers-Red Sox deal for Betts and it is pretty outlandish.

Bowden’s Proposal

In Bowden’s proposed deal, the Dodgers would be giving up three top prospects in catcher Keibert Ruiz, middle infielder Jeter Downs, and right-handed starting pitcher Josiah Gray for the services of Mookie Betts. For a rental, this is pretty steep. The Dodgers could probably secure Betts with one of those prospects plus middle-tier pieces — not three top-ten organizational prospects.

In comparison, his proposed deal for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Red Sox included zero top prospects. Weird.

Bowden’s POV

Here is the excerpt from the column that specifically pertains to the Dodgers:

Let’s start with the fact that the Dodgers will probably say that middle infielder Gavin Lux and pitchers Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin are all off-limits for a rental. They would likely consider offering a package centered around top catching prospect Keibert Ruiz (they already have a good young catcher in Will Smith), middle infielder Jeter Downs, whom they acquired in a trade with the Cincinnati Reds a few years ago, and right-handed pitcher Josiah Gray. A package like that would be somewhat similar to what the Cardinals gave up for Goldschmidt last offseason.

As expected, Gavin Lux, Dustin May, and Tony Gonsolin are extremely likely to stick with the team in 2020 considering how much the organization values them. When looking at the package that the Diamondbacks received for star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, it pales in comparison to the Dodgers proposal from Bowden.


This was an interesting proposal but one along the lines of this is more in line.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. I think your package is way more realistic but honestly I think it’s a little steep as well. Red Sox would get 2 major leaguers and 2 minor leaguers for a rental. However all the pieces you included are expendable and at the end of the day I would make this deal only if the plan was to sign him long term. This possibility would need to be discussed with betts before I’d sign off on this.

  2. Dodgers are not going to give up the package proposed by Bowden, and Boston isn’t going to accept your group of players. My guess: Dodgers trade Alex Verdugo, Kenta Maeda, and Matt Beaty for Betts.

    1. SoCalBum is way off base why trade Alex or Kenta at all they can both do there job if given a chance. The best trade they could make would Roberts for anybody. Thats a winner.

      1. Concur on your part about Roberts but we know that will never happen. Honestly, I would try another deal because again, Betts would be a 1 year rental and is sure to want to test the FA market at the end of the 2020 season.

  3. I would not trade Gray who may wind up better than May or Gonsolin. Not that May or Gonsolin are not great prospects but Gray has the look of a young Dwight Gooden. Keep him and see for another year.

  4. He’s not the usual rental acquired at the trade deadline. He has the most value now. If I were the Sox…I would take major league ready players. 2-3. The Dodgers can make this deal happen this winter.

  5. This is too risky. Just sign Cole, Strasburg, Rendon and Bentances and yes they can afford to sign all four and still run a good business for themselves remember they’ve got that tv deal that will make them 8 billion when it’s done not to mention all the other money they’ve robbed in the past from fans and in the future

    1. Right on, Manny! But I believe you and all of us pretty much know that when all is said and done, Dodgers may sign or get just 1 of those players ya mentioned and a very good chance they get none of those players.

  6. I’m not a FO Exec but I strongly disagree with this. We have a gold glove, MVP candidate in right, 37 home runs in left, (unless we trade him and are good in center yet have a good but aging third baseman, having more injuries and untimely errors at third, at short we ave a young vacuum cleaner who has slid some offensively, Our pitching goes without saying. I go for Cole, Will Smith Lindor and Rendon or Donaldson if Rendon really wants to retire early, It may be an insane wish list but with what is coming off the books, it can be done

  7. I am all for giving them Keibert Ruiz and Jeter Downs. I think they are both going to end up blocked to the MLB anyway (Will Smith, Seager and Lux in their way). If this cannot get the deal done, I would be more than happy to throw in Joc and/or Stripling. Mookie is an MVP, our outfield would have two MVPs in it. Add in Verdugo and you have the best outfield in all of baseball. Then you roll with an infield of 1B-Turner, 2B-Lux, SS-Seager and 3B-Muncy.

    They can still add Rendon and/or a pitcher like Wheeler or maybe Odorizzi from the Twins. Yes that probably ends up blocking Lux at second, but that also always him to make starts in relief at both middle infield slots and possibly 3B as well while he develops. Turner does not have that much longer being a starter, which would move Muncy back to 1B and slot Lux back in at 2B (down the road of course).

    I don’t know, just some ideas.

  8. Silly to do a deal unless you can sign him long term…Plus we already have a log jam in outfield….and remember where he plays …look at his numbers on the road….I say Pass
    Ver-do-go will have better numbers next year….

    1. hello Kingman! I concur and is why I would not even consider Betts in any deal to bring him here, as he has already said he won’t sign long term until he tests the FA market. Signing Rendon and perhaps a fron tline pitcher will cost money but not top prospects that teams will be sure to demand from the Dodgers. If you recall at the July deadline last year, all the teams in talks with the Dodgers about relievers or others indicated NO deal that does not include Lux in it

  9. Never give up prospects for 1 year rentals! If Betts agrees to a 3 year deal then it makes sense,if not go after a stud pitcher and stud reliever.

      1. So do I.. Rendon has indicated he wants to retire at around his mid 30’s so Dodgers would need to give him a great AAV, and they would know that they won’t have to go too long of a term so that should appeal to Rendon actually.

  10. Go for Rendon and Wheeler sign Rendon to his mid thirties Wheeler’s a good buy and then go for a good closer Rendon is a gamer and has ice water in his veins.

  11. Stripling Kiki Taylor and Pederson for Betts. It’s only a 1 year rental and we don’t need any of those guys with the bloated farm full of not only good but better players that are starting to become log jammed.

  12. All these trades don’t make any sense if The Dodgers keep Dave Roberts as Manager. Hire a real Manager ( Bobby Valentine/ Mike Scoscia) and we probably won’t need a trade… Dodgers are stacked with talent!!

  13. I think that’s foolish we have an abundance of outfielders… we need pitching and bullpen help.
    no reason to give up top prospects for a for sure rental,
    still need to resign ryu pick up wheeler or cole
    missed out on will smith … come on!!!

  14. First off, I don’t want to see Betts leave Boston. But if they feel he won’t sign, then I guess the best option is to trade him.
    How about Betts and Barns for Maeda, Verdugo, Kelly, and Downs?

  15. Personally I’d rather see the Dodgers pickup. Wade Miley LHP,
    Madison Bumgarner LHP, Kirby Yates
    MacKenzie Gore LHP and Dean Kreamer RHP, I’d use

    Starting Pitching
    Walker Bueller RHP
    Clayton Kershaw LHP
    Kenta Maeda RHP
    Wade Miley LHP
    Madison Bumgarner LHP

    Relief pitching
    Julio Urias LHP
    Dustin May RHP
    Adam John Kolarek LHP
    Tony Gonsolin RHP

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