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Dodgers Credits: LA Unlikey to Re-Sign Kenley Jansen, Twins Interested in Brock Stewart, and More

It was the finale of the winter meetings and the Los Angeles Dodgers still did not make a move after re-signing Rich Hill. It is still a mystery of who Kenley Jansen is going to sign with the 2017 season.

Even though Jansen finished strong with the Dodgers, it seems very unlikely that he will return to LA next season. Every Dodger fan is feeling the anxiety running through their body hour by hour and day by day.

Dodgers Nation:

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  1. Is anyone surprised that the two clowns, Friedman and Zaidi, can’t get a deal done for Jansen.  They could have extended Jansen during the last offseason, but instead, they thought that they go with Hatcher or Baez and use them as leverage against Jansen.  Instead, they signed the likes of Kazmir, McCarthy and Anderson for salaries totaling over $120 million.

  2. I get a kick out of these nutty Dodger fans who insist this team spends money, but they fail to understand where the money is being spent; on retreads, and has beens, ie; Kazmir, McCarthy, Andersen, Guerrero, etc. Then the FO offers the narrative they’re trying to be fiscally responsible when it comes to signing free-agents? Wonder how many pitchers they’ll go thru to find Jansen’s replacement?
    I can only imagine what we’ll be saying three years from now……

  3. Why do fans care about money spent. Dodger prices for everything is at an all-time hight. Base your opinions on baseball not $. We have been seduced by teams and media to think financially but we shouldn’t do that. Kenley makes the team better period. JT makes the team better period. If the Dodgers want to make the team better they will pay.

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