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Dodgers Credits: Players Thank Fans, Possible Trades Between Dodgers and Tigers, and More

Now that the 2016 season for the Los Angeles Dodgers is over, the Dodgers will look forward to improving their roster for the 2017 season. After conducting a press conference, Andrew Friedman and Dave Roberts addressed parts of the teams that they need to improve on.

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Dodgers Nation:

Local Blogs and Media:

  • Looking at 8 (or 9) 2017 Arbitration-Eligible Dodgers | Dodgers Digest
  • World Series-starved Dodgers didn’t get where they want to go, but Dave Roberts and Andrew Friedman like where they are | LA Times

National Media:

  • Dodgers may explore trading 3 injury-risk arms — with a Yankees fit? | NY Post
  • Dodgers Weren’t Good Enough In 2016, Might Not Be In 2017 Either, Should Listen To The Howard | Forbes

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