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Dodgers Cut the Roster Down to Twenty-Eight Players

The Dodgers continued their vigorous roster cuts half-way into their game against the Angels, preparing for Opening Day. The roster cuts bring the total roster down to 28 with just 25 spots open to start the season.

None of these cuts really come as much of a surprise, with Dustin May being the only one with a remote chance to crack the roster. Josh Thole will serve as a backup option in case one of Russell Martin or Austin Barnes needs to see time on the injured list this year. He hit an impressive 381 going 8 for 21 in Spring, all of those hits being singles.

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Paulo Orlando impressed with a massive Spring homerun, but that was essentially all he did. He went a combined 8 for 37 and struck out eight time. Daniel Castro had a decent spring hitting 333, and will serve as a backup in case of an injury to any infielder. He would more or less serve as a bench-role type of player.

Ezequiel Carrera went 8 for 45, and did not reach base at a spectacular rate. Kevin Quackenbush allowed five earned runs over ten innings of work, and had strikeout rate of just 4.5 per nine innings. Stetson Allie was also optioned, as he allowed four earned runs across nine innings. He did impress though, hitting triple digits and striking out thirteen.

Dustin May impressed also Spring Training, and he remains as one of the best in the bunch. He is also the most likely to see any sort of extended time with the Dodgers this season, despite how deep they are with pitching. May threw nine total innings and allowed just one run, and struck out eight. He walked three batters as well, but worked himself out of plenty of tough spots. He showed big league maturity, and his fastball is enough to get by at the Major League level. Fortunately, he has a few other nasty pitches that are already well beyond his years.

Of these guys reassigned, May and Thole remain the two we are most likely to see this year.



  1. Brook, as senior editor of DN, can you edit out bad language or personal attacks on other writers in the responses? If not, someone should.

  2. What a great treat when they miked Dino Ebel third base couch with his enthusiasm and play by play he made the game so much more exciting I hope they mike him during the season sooooo goood.

  3. Need compl stays all young players. Like Thole . Don’t think any catcher besides Ruiz will make it. DJ updates n real chance. Seager needs to go to 3B, Turner to 1B, lux or the ex Red at SS. How do we get rid of Joc

  4. What did Dodgers fans make of the Freeway-Series against the Angels? Does either teams’ players take it that seriously i.e. as in a regular season game? If No, then the innings pitched by Urias can’t be anything worth stating correct? I suppose then if Urias outing had been horrible, you can’t say too much about that either? I suppose players don’t want to get hurt, so soon to Opening Day, see Justin Upton in game 1 at Anaheim.

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