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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Feels Padres are Aiming to ‘Copy Cat’ LA

Flashback a handful of months and the San Diego Padres were the stars of the offseason. After importing a pair of aces to add to their rotation, media focus quickly shifted to what moves the Dodgers might make.

San Diego went loud and fast, bringing in Blake Snell and Yu Darvish. LA played it slow and picked up Trevor Bauer. But in all honesty, they didn’t need Bauer to win in the regular season. 

Now the Padres and Dodgers match up this weekend for the first of 19 regular season matchups in 2021 and quickly, the questions pushed the rivalry narrative. Earlier on Friday, Corey Seager wasn’t biting, opting to point out that “it’s just another game” to the Dodgers. But Dave Roberts, after trying his best, eventually slipped and provided a little bit of bulletin board material.

Moreover, Doc was asked about the moves San Diego made in the offseason and whether those moves were to try and catch up with LA.

“It’s a copy cat league,” Dave reluctantly quipped. “So I think that a lot of teams are trying to follow what we do and imitate, and I think the Padres respect what we do and try to do some of the things… they’ve done a nice job.

By the end, Roberts caught himself and tried to pull back, but he said enough already. Teams like the Padres are trying to copy the Dodgers and they’re smart to do so. Eight straight division titles, three World Series berths in four years and a championship to put the cherry on top.

If the Padres are copy-catting the Dodgers, they have a long way to go… but admittedly, they’re on the right track. Look forward to 19 bloodbaths in 2021.

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