Dodgers Drop a Heartbreaker in Game 2 of the NLCS

Dodgers fans had every reason to be excited about Tuesday afternoon’s game in Arlington, despite seeing Clayton Kershaw scratched. Tony Gonsolin got the ball for Los Angeles, and his first two innings had fans fired up.

Starting Pitching

Gonsolin got the Dodgers off to a hot start by retiring 9 consecutive batters to start the game. After that, things started to fall apart a little for Tony. A leadoff walk to Ronald Acuna in the 4th inning gave Freddie Freeman a chance to make some noise early. He did not miss his chance. 

For the Braves, it was almost the exact opposite with Ian Anderson. He walked 5 Dodgers hitters but they just couldn’t come through when it mattered. Will Smith had two big opportunities to do some damage, but both times left runners aboard to end the inning. Anderson went on to strike out 5 batters while allowing just 1 hit through 4 innings. 

The Offensive Struggles Continue 

To put it simply the Dodgers bats once again did not show up to play for most of the game on Tuesday afternoon. That’s not to say that they didn’t have multiple opportunities to do so. Los Angeles left far too many runners on base consistently failing to move guys over and play the big field at Globe Life. If you’re looking for something to be happy about, Corey Seager did launch a three-run shot and the offense made a late push. 

The Dodgers tried to make a run in the 9th inning with as Seager driving in Mookie Betts. Max Muncy would launch a two-run bomb of his own off of Josh Tomlin, firing up the bench. Cody Bellinger followed up with a run-scoring triple of his own getting them within 1 run. Unfortunately, AJ Pollock could not bring Bellinger in and they went on to lose this one 8-7.  

Up Next for the Dodgers

The Dodgers will now go into Wednesday afternoon down 2 games in the Championship Series. They will turn to young southpaw Julio Urias to try to get them back into the win column in a pivotal Game 3. Atlanta will counter with rookie stud Kyle Wright, who has pitched extremely well in the postseason thus far. 

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  1. Well, now we can add Baez, Wood and Kolarek to the growing list of pitchers we can’t trust when the game matters. It was nice the boys decided to get some hits, but it was kinda pointless waiting till they were down 7-0 to do so. We all know the real score on this one was 8-0. Looks like Kershaw’s gonna have the extra pressure of keeping the Ds from being swept. They need to come out mashing first thing tomorrow or the series is over.

  2. With this team, winning the division is all you can hope for. At least they win something. Right? Just wonder if this team can win the division for decade with no WS. If that hasn’t been done before, what a chance at terrible history.

  3. Our bullpen has been great all year, this was just one of those nights! Again and again and again.

  4. Boss, the Braves had won 14 straight Division titles, and with their 4th straight coming in 1995 they won a WS. BUT after that all those Division titles left them with I belive 2 NL Pennants.

  5. If they lose this series they honestly deserve to lose fans in attendance next year because there’s nothing else the FO can do at this point, if you can’t win with this team then this group of guys are just chokers. I would clean house aside from Betts and the young pitchers

    1. Seriously?……….No offense intended Don but that’s just a stupid thing to say……….

      1. Yes, seriously…..how many times do we need to see the same script? If they lose, they need a major shakeup with a big name leaving via trade, along with a new manager. Hopefully they pull this out and prove us all wrong.

      2. Bluz, this group has had how many chances? If they can’t get it done now then they never will. Some players just aren’t cut out for championships and we seem to draft a lot of those types

        1. Don, one thing most of us know for sure by now is that Roberts lacks the ability to properly manage the pitching staff in October. It’s like seeing the same re-runs over and over again. But along with that, for the most part, with the exception maybe being the 9th inning last night the team fails to show up in October as well.

        2. Don………..Making it into the playoffs is hard. Making it all the way through the playoffs and winning the world series is hard. Winning it or losing it along the way as you traverse through the playoffs does not mean you cannot get it done, it simply shows how difficult it is. Losing games and/or getting eliminated does not make them “chokers”. It means the other team outplayed them and it happens to every franchise at one point or another. As for the draft. I personally think that is what sets this franchise apart from almost all the others, they draft very well. Then you should also factor in this “group” statement as you called it…….it has been turning over personnel every season. IMO this is the best “group” they have ever had. But the first two games Atlanta just outplayed ’em.

  6. ,I’m not one of those fans giving up when the other team scored a run, but I see very little to be excited about yet. We are now facing what are essentially 2 elimination games because going down 0-3 or 1-3 is not an option. This is not Pollock’s fault, but he was the one inthe hot seat tonight ultimately and he failed in a moment that could signal the end. We will see tomorrow, but tonight Dodgers nation is in pain, discouraged, and deeply distrusting

  7. As a Braves fan of many up and down years, I understand the frustration here. Being down 2-0 looks like too much to over come, but one thing about the Braves and the city of Atlanta is we always find a way to implode when everyone thought it was over.

  8. Hats off to the Braves…………..they are out playing our team, period.
    We made a valiant effort in the ninth, but the hole we were in was LARGE.
    Wish Dave had let Rios pinch hit for Pollock, but I guess has his reasons for staying with Pollock that I don’t see. Melancon could have been had IMO.
    Bottom line though, their pitching has kept our offense bottled.

  9. Well ss Travis said , Dodgers have 2 elination games to play in and if Dodgers lose tonight, they should not bother to play game 4. Simply put. The season could end this evening.

  10. Dodgers did what they have have done for last 32 years… choked when the stakes are high… and they still have Roberts there who has lost many of the games with his total miss management of the game…. someone said the Dodgers are being out played.. not true… out managed is more like it…

  11. It was hard enough watching game 1 where we simply could not hit. Then game 2 comes along and for half the game we dont hit. But once we are down 5 or 6 runs and the pressure is off, are bats come alive.

    I believe that the Braves are just a better club than the Dodgers. We can beat the crap out of the NL West but that is about it. This series is equally as depressing as last years fiasco with the Nationals. And, looking ahead to next year we face a much better Padres so winning the NL West will be much more difficult.

    I am glad that I can remember the Dodgers winning the WS 30+ years ago as it may never happen again in my lifetime. Pick your poison with no timely hits, high pitch counts and early departures for our pitchers, or as happens many times we have a non existent bullpen.

  12. I blame this Game 2 loss on Clayton Kershaw. Today all Dodgers fans, Dodgers nation should feel ashamed and embarrassed to have this disgraceful lying coward on this Dodgers roster. There is absolutely no doubt that Kershaw FAKED HIS BACK SPASM. He saw what happened in Game 1 and knew he was going to be under scrutiny if he pitched and lost Game 2. Kershaw couldn’t stand the pressure, most important the real coward that he is he didn’t have the courage to take on the challenge to pitch Game 2. So this disgraceful chicken decided to take the easy way out by FAKING AN INJURY while let the rest of his teammates go to fight the battle on their own. Clayton Kershaw is a despicable human being, he’s not worthy enough to wear the Dodgers uniform, he certainly does not deserve any fan support from the city of Los Angeles. What was even shameful was him directing Fox 11 News at 6 PM to run a medical special on back spasm on top of the news hour to make it look like he was really injured so he could get off the hook. Yeah nice try, but no one was gonna fall for that phony stunt. It also proved to true color of this coward who hides in his little own world when he’s called upon to take on the challenge. Clayton Kershaw: Do yourself and every Dodgers fan a favor, just leave; leave the Dodgers and leave Los Angeles, don’t ever come back again.

    1. …………and I thought Don Catos comment above was stupid, but this post from Mr. Hughes is beyond description…………he must be one of those Q’Anon people I keep hearing about.

    1. Valenzuela, Howe, Hooten, Reuss, Baker, Smith, Lopes, Garvey……….the boys who beat the Yanks………..I remember them. Why did you bring that up???????????

  13. I have not given up on the Dodgers, yet. Of course, these two games have been sadly disappointing but I did see a glimmer of hope, albeit too late, during the 9th last night. We managed to play both long and short ball to almost tie it up. Now if we don’t win tonight…I will continue to be that ray of optimism until which time the Braves win 4. Come on Boys, get it together and early. GO DODGERS!

  14. Looks as if the boys did ” get it together and EARLY” to produce a record breaking 11 runs in the 1st inning yesterday. Lets hope our Dodgers carry even a little bit of that momentum into tonight’s game so that we can appreciate another win. Go Dodgers!

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