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Dodgers: ESPN Breaks Down Bellinger’s Struggles, Mookie Tries a New Position, Muncy Goes Off, and More!

The Dodgers had an interesting week of baseball that consisted of two random off-days. One of those off-days came on a Friday, which was strange but ended up being much-needed. The team also had a flurry of roster moves and injuries to deal with, all while approaching the end of the season, Let’s dive into some of the headlines from this past week.

ESPN’s Buster Olney made an appearance on our show this week to discuss all things Dodgers. One of the topics of conversation was Cody Bellinger’s swing, which Buster thinks is way off. Olney talked about his stance and the need for his to move away from the plate, and we think he may be right. 

Dodgers: ESPN Insider Breaks Down What’s Wrong With Cody Bellinger

Speaking of changes, Mookie Betts made a sort of weird one this week. The Gold Glove outfielder made a start at second base that had many Dodgers fans wondering what in the world was going on. Dave Roberts said that the move was made to provide depth for the playoffs should the situation arise. We call it weird. 

Dodgers: Mookie Betts Gets the Start at Second Base Tonight

The Dodgers got themselves into too many extra-innings games this week, and Clayton Kershaw has seen enough. The veteran southpaw revealed that he really is not a fan of the new rule, and hopes that it goes away after this strange year. 

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Thinks New Extra-Innings Rule is ‘Not Real Baseball’

The Dodgers are also one of the teams pushing back on MLB in their effort to start a playoff bubble. Los Angeles players are not a fan of the way that the league is having families quarantine from players ahead of going into the bubble, but experts predict the two sides will come to an agreement eventually. 

Dodgers Players Push Back On League’s Plan to Quarantine Families Ahead of Playoffs

Los Angeles radio host Charley Steiner finally let a reporter watch him call a game from home this week. Apparently Charley almost let the pandemic force him into retirement before the team stepped in with a solution. 

Dodgers: Charley Steiner Almost Let a Pandemic End His Broadcasting Career

And finally, you won’t want to miss Max Muncy go after this umpire in a way that you almost never see from him.

Dodgers: Max Muncy Ejected From Game and Goes Off on the Umpire

All of that news and more, over at this week! 

Dodgers: Brusdar Graterol Gets the Start Tonight Against Houston


  1. Tonites WIN WAS AWESOME!!!! Jensen FINALLY came through….just hope this is the start of something good!! We need to keep a BIG lead in the standings against THOSE padres..cant let THEM get ahead of us!!!!

  2. Cody Bellinger, If you are reading this go back to the basics and stand at the plate where you are comfortable. Swing at the ball in your natural form. Close your ears to all of the “so-called” coaches and hit the ball like what got you to the Dodgers. Have fun, work hard but most importantly, be yourself.

  3. As I stated before step back 3 inches you still can cover the outside. Your pathetic pop-ups off the handle and misses center cut shows your approach is not working! You are an automatic out which the opponent does not fear. Take a book from Corey, stride into the pitch instead pulling off every time and go up the middle or left-center gap. By standing up close they’re just jamming you and it’s working only for them. We need you to produce and I have the confidence you will adjust! Relax and play like in your younger days when you were the stud!

  4. The Dodgers reportedly have the latest greatest hitting coaches. I listened to the game last night and the stat on pitches on the inside third of the plate are very illuminating.
    To many in baseball, his stance and how close he stands to the plate and the stats all show he is too close why haven’t the Dodger coaches or Bellinger figured that out and made that move? His hitting is horrible.

  5. I’m a long time Dodger fan but I gotta be honest, the way they are playing it’s going to take a big miracle for them to get in to the playoffs. What I’m seeing here in this game is nothing short of the bad news bears. I’m very disappointed right now, I can’t believe my eyes but I’m looking at the game. Did someone put something in their water? This is unreal.

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