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Dodgers: ESPN Experts Predict a Blockbuster World Series Matchup

It’s difficult to look at the Dodgers roster this season and not automatically predict a World Series birth. This very well might be the best team on paper to every take the field in Los Angeles. 

As it turns out, fans in Los Angeles are not the only ones who believe their team could win it all. Most of the projections from around sports entertainment have the Dodgers at least making the World Series, if not winning. 

ESPN came out with their latest projections for the season as Opening Day kicks off on Thursday. As expected, the Dodgers are predicted to run away with the National League West and the Pennant. Out of 32 voters, Los Angeles received 24 in favor of taking the National League pennant. Every single voter picked them to win their division. 

The World Series Matchup

The Yankees are projected to be the opposing team in the World Series, and that makes sense. New York is loaded from top to bottom with a powerful lineup, though their starting rotation might be lacking. The Dodgers were voted 18 times to win the World Series versus just 6 for the Yankees. Jeff Passan gave his analysis on why Los Angeles would bring home the title. 

Health is the single most important variable in a 60-game season. The antidote to the possibility of poor health is depth. There is no deeper team than the Dodgers. And it’s really talented, high-ceiling, star-caliber depth too, with prospect capital to supplement via August trades or September roster additions

Adding Mookie Betts to an outfield that already consisted of a few All-Stars just seems unfair. The Dodgers have shown early in exhibition games that they are perfectly capable of scoring runs. Los Angeles already poured on 21 runs in two games against the Diamondbacks this week. 

Whatever the case, this year’s World Series could shape up to be one of the best that we have ever seen. 

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