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Dodgers: ESPN Says Los Angeles Not Upset They Missed Out On Bryce Harper

While the Los Angeles Dodgers won their 101st game of the year in San Diego last night, Bryce Harper’s Philadelphia Phillies helped his former team clinch a Wildcard spot. Indeed, the coincidental match-up between Harper’s current squad and his old one has brought him back into conversations for the all the wrong reasons.

Furthermore, a quote on ESPN Los Angeles Radio sums it up so nicely. Here’s the tweet for the official quote:

Without question, someone in the Dodgers’ front office has to be smirking to themselves as Harper prepares for an early winter.

“The Dodgers are not necessarily breathing a sigh of relief but they are probably not the least bit upset that they missed out on Bryce Harper.”

Remember – Los Angeles came so close to signing Harper in the offseason – offering as much as $45 million per season. However, the outfielder opted to sign a 13-year, $330 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Obviously, Harper opted for financial security over an immediate chance to hit in the middle of the lineup for the NL favorite.

Now, how the tide has turned for Los Angeles. By comparison, Cody Bellinger has 46 home runs and is putting the finishing touches on an MVP-caliber season. Still, Los Angeles has found a way to replace the 34 home runs, and .880 OPS that Harper provided Philadelphia with. They will attempt to get to their third straight World Series appearance beginning next week.

As for Harper, he can make plans to prepare for age-27 season while Philadelphia makes a decision whether or not to bring back manager Gabe Kapler.

Clearly the Dodgers dodged an iceberg when Harper decided for the longer contract and went to Philadelphia. Are you happy with the way things played out – or do you wish that Harper would have signed in Los Angeles anyways? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Bryce Harper is an exciting player and produces runs, but so do many other players. I was rather annoyed at the front office for offering a $45 million per year contract. He is valuable, but not that valuable. Having Pederson and Verdugo in the outfield has been worth more than Bryce, especially when you add in the defense. I am so glad that they did not make Scott Boras richer.

  2. I am a Dodgers fan, and I never wanted douchebag Harper to begin with. He is toxic, arrogant, not a team player, and his addition to our roster would have brought toxicity to the team. He is also overrated and certainly not worth the ridiculous amount of money his ego demands. He is another Manny Machado–an arrogant shit bag that demanded way too much money and that fooled desperate front offices with delusions of grandeur. Watch: in a few years Harper will be worth his weight in tampons.

  3. Not making the post season isn’t due to Bryce Harper. I was impressed by his play this season. Not only his hitting but his defense and his hustle.

    1. Hitting .260 and getting paid 330 million to do it? You are easily impressed. Pollock is hitting better than that and for a lot less money.

    2. He made a mistake. He took money over organization. His lineup protection would have been better in LA by far. Plus he would have been in major post season play. Some fans hate him for no real reason. Who knows in the Dodger lineup might have hit 50 home runs.

  4. I wasn’t all that disappointed when the Dodgers missed on Harper, but I think they’d be a better team with him and without AJ Pollack (who they presumably wouldn’t have signed).

  5. The Dodgers didn’t n don’t need Harper. They need to stay healthy n find some relief pitchers. Simple!!

  6. Hes just like Machado. Look at Machado luxury player and he wont even sprint to 1st base if he knows it’s not a Homerun. Smh.
    Dodgers all they need are pitchers.
    I mean to win this Robert’s reallly needs to manage this smart.
    And not trust on any players
    Trust gives us a L

  7. Harper’s 2015 MVP season was clearly a career year, one that he has never approached again. After yet another season of .250 with 35 HR’s, it is time to accept Harper for what he is, which is a good player, but not one that deserves to be the highest paid guy on anyone’s roster. LA has absurd depth at the corner outfield spots, and they are the last team that needed Harper on the roster to begin with.

  8. Sentiments could change as early as next week depending what the Dodgers do in the playoffs. This Dodgers team is very boring, very un-Hollywood. Harper would have been a star out here. Who knows how things would have played out if he were on the roster.

    1. And you Tim must be on some kind of drug. He had virtually the same year Joc Pederson had for 1/10th the money plus Joc isn’t a Prima Donna like your hero is.

      1. Reminds me a lot of a Pederson year really, with a little more walking. Especially since Joc has been + as a corner outfielder.

  9. Harper yes, but not for the 30 whatever mil for 10 years. He blew it and went for the money. Philly is a dump to play in bad city bad fans. He’s a west coast guy. He’s going to coast through that long term contract and surely not be focused. Too much money. I think he would have had better results in the Dodger lineup and for45mil!!! What an idiot. His protection in the lineup around him was terrible in Philly. Rys Hoskins 220 or so and Franco nearly the same a very mediocre lineup supported him they even played Brad Miller a ton when Segura went down. Seager Turner and Pederson in front of him and maybe Bellinger Verdugo after. I see him as getting much better pitches in LA vs playing where he is. It matters. The move to not have him was still the best decision and well done by the FO. Great system here with Lux, Rios, Smith, Beaty. Hope they can get past the dumb pitching moves Roberts has made in the past and win the WS.

  10. As of today Harper is hitting .259 and Machado .250. Lots of $$ saved by passing on both of them.

  11. oh look a bunch of bumpkins in the comments who think batting average matters hahahahah

  12. I have been a Dodger fan since 1940. I can be quoted as saying the last time I cried was when Mickey Owen dropped that third strike in the ‘41 World Series. I now live in the Phila area and watch a lot of their games. I wrote from the start I was opposed to them signing Harper who hit .249 last year. Today the Phillies guaranteed a 4th place finish with a loss to Washington. Harper was 0 for 4, three strike outs and a double play. Last year the Harperless Phillies were 80-82. With three to go this year they are 79-80 so how did the 330 million man help them?

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