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Dodgers Extend Netting Around Field at Dodger Stadium

Today the Dodgers announced that their planned stadium safety upgrades had been implemented while the team has been on the road. The netting, which has been a source of concern this season, has now been extended an additional 124 feet through both baselines.

Moreover, the netting behind home plate and both dugouts now stands 33 feet tall.


Dodger President Stan Kasten spoke about the enhancements.

“The decisions to both raise and extend the nets at Dodger Stadium were made after extensive data analysis and consultation with both players and fans. We think these extensions to the netting greatly enhance fan safety while also keeping Dodger Stadium the welcoming and comfortable place it has always been.”

This enhancement was originally announced in June after baseball had experienced a rash of unfortunate incidents where fans were struck by line drives off the bat at various ballparks. Now Dodger Stadium is proud to say that it can provide a safer experience for fans.

Per a press release, the old netting was donated to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, and will be used to help refurbish Jackie Robinson Stadium in the city of Compton.

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  1. The netting in my opinion is a good thing, even if it just saves one person child or adult if your argument is it interferes with watching the game you wont even notice after a while its just like when you sit behind home plate in the dug out club after about 30 min, you don’t even notice the net, also if your other argument is you lose out on an opportunity to catch a foul ball or if you also say people ahould pay attention, there are problems with both those theories first go buy a ball and second, the velocity which a ball comes off a bat most people can’t catch that’s why were in the stands not on the field, also think about if it possibly saves your son or daughter then it is worth it. I’m all for it.

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