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Dodgers Fans Have a Surprise for the Cheating Houston Astros in LA this Weekend

For Dodgers fans, Sunday will undoubtedly be a banner day in Los Angeles. With the Houston Astros returning to Dodger Stadium for the first time since robbing baseball of a true World Series winner in 2017, the stage should be set for Dodgers fans to get some real demons off their backs.

However, the coronavirus has closed ballpark access for fans and even limited the ability for folks to gather and boo proudly together. Thankfully, some fans thought ahead for this series.

Two Dodgers faithful, Meredith Kendrick and Nathan Nguyen, started a GoFundMe to raise enough funds to secure a huge banner, a plane, and a pilot for the festivities this coming weekend. And the targeted crowd-sourced financing was met.

So, the important part… what will the banner say?


Simple and perfect. Moreover, Kendrick also notes that a custom asterisk was made for the occasion.

Of course, the Astros were accused of and found guilty of stealing signs from catchers and relaying what pitch was coming to teammates during the 2017 MLB season. Their system included a camera, a direct live feed to a television poorly hidden in the tunnels beyond their dugout, and a trash can. The team refined their system of cheating and took it into the 2017 postseason where they robbed the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and your Los Angeles Dodgers of a fair fight en route to their first world title.

So if we can’t boo them, and Joe Kelly can’t bean them, a banner is our next best hope.


The banner will be flown on Sunday, September 13th as the Astros take batting practice. The game starts at 5:08 PM PT and is nationally televised by ESPN as part of their Sunday Night Baseball series, so it likely will pick up a bit more visibility on the broadcast. Visiting team batting practice usually takes place about two to three hours before first pitch at Dodger Stadium, so the flight will most likely happen between the 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock hour.

Understandably, the brains behind this banner have a simple ask for fans that happen to see it on Sunday:

Let’s encourage Dodgers fans to snap photos and cheer as we tease the Astros for their cheating scandal!

So if you see the banner on Sunday, snap a photo and upload it on Instagram or Twitter!

Clint Pasillas

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  1. “With the Houston Astros returning to Dodger Stadium for the first time since robbing baseball of a true World Series winner in 2017”
    Correction: Houstin Asteriks “returned” to Dodger Stadium Aug 3rd – 5th. The 5th finally marked a win for the Dodgers against Houston as the last one was Game 6 of 2017 world series.

  2. The Astros don’t care in fact they’ll be mocking it amongst themselves. Just beat them and bean them that’s what they’ll care about

    1. Don, the whole point about this and a reason for that banner to fly over head is because of being stuck with an inept Commisioner who failed to issue any sort of punishment for those Astr*s players themselves. And another problem is how Manfred will protect those players and punish any Dodger pitcher for even going a little inside with any pitch to them.

    2. no, the astro’s need to be reminded constantly that they are not respected this isn’t going away, not in their playing lifetimes, maybe when they are all old, since they never took responsibility and feel they earned the title and never got punished they need to be reminded foreverf just beating them isn’t enough, they disrepsected ALL athletes and fans.

  3. The biggest surprise would be the Astros winning a game. They are playing for a wildcard berth.

    1. I disagree. We layed down for the last place team on Thursday night. Maybe Dodger Fans should get in touch with reality, because our team is not playing very well, right now. They hit our pitching will relative ease. Where has our once good pitching gone?

      1. Stephen,
        What it’s needed to beat those astr*s is for Bellinger to do his job and get back to do the smart thing by moving back at least six inches off the box to be able to hit the damn ball!!!! He looks beat out there!!! And Muncy to also be smart at the plate and swing at the first pitch more often!!!! These two guys are acting like the stars they’re not!!!!!!

  4. It won’t be done, but wouldn’t it be great if the Dodger public address system played “banging trash cans” every time the Astros were up? That would be better than a banner.

    1. They could play Todd Rundgren’s “Bang on the Drum”. And maybe dub in “can” for “drum”.

      But I still say bean a couple of them. Fastballs above the waist. Make it real. On the other hand, Manfred would probably suspend Dodger pitchers through the postseason. You can never underestimate his allegiance to the Asstrolls.

  5. The sign needs a bigger asterisk. After all, aren’t they just like the biggest asterisks ever?

  6. To Meredith and Nathan, THANK YOU for your planning of this event to give ALL DODGER FANS some justice against THE CHEATING ASTROS !!!! You are both SO AWESOME and WE cannot THANK YOU enough for making this all possible!! We just wish that we could be in the stands today and tommorow to tell THE CHEATERS what we REALLY THINK OF THEM!!!!! Lets Go Dodgers and SWEEP THOSE LOUSEY CHEATING ASTROS!!

  7. We can’t be at Dodger stadium this year to cheer against these astr*s cheaters but if they come back next year or any other year after, I bet this cheating feeling will never go away and will continue forever!!!! GO DODGERS!!!! Beat those lousy Houston trashcans!!!!

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