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Dodgers: Fans React to Carlos Correa’s Return to Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers face the Minnesota Twins tonight at Dodger Stadium. This is the first matchup of the two clubs at Dodger Stadium since 2017 where the Twins swept the season series vs LA 3-0.

Speaking of 2017, tonight the Dodgers welcome former Astros cheater, shortstop Carlos Correa, who was part of the 2017 Houston World Series champion team.

Every time the Dodgers and Correa match up, fireworks are sure to ensue. Famously back in 2020, Correa and then LA reliever Joe Kelly got into a verbal exchange which spawned a series of infamous shirts and countless memes along the way.

Ahead of the game on Tuesday night, fans reacted to the return of Correa who signed with the Twins on a 1-year deal in the offseason. As you can imagine, plenty of fans still do not like the cheater shortstop.

On the flip side, there is more than a fair share of folks that are over it and ready to move on

Where do you fall? Will Correa get booed?

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  1. I hope Correa gets booed for the rest of his career. As well as the rest of those cheaters.
    And most importantly he should NEVER be a Dodger!

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