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Dodgers Fans React to Houston Winning Its First “Real” World Series

After the Dodgers lost the NLDS to their division rival, the only thing that could’ve been worse ended up happening; the Astros* went on to win the World Series. Their first real one excluding the one they had to resort to cheating to win over the Dodgers back in 2017.

Yes, we’re still bitter about it. But don’t take my word for it. We asked Dodgers fans to share their thoughts on the 2022 World Series and here were some of their responses:

Although most Dodger fans hate the idea that the Astros came out on top, they were able to find at least a silver lining knowing that former LA player, Dusty Baker, was able to achieve his longtime goal of winning a World Series as a manager. 

This was his first World Series title after 22 years of managing and 5 teams later. It came 41 years after he secured a ring as a Dodgers player back in 1981.

So although it might seem bittersweet for Dusty Baker fans, Dodgers fans won’t forget what the Astros took from us five years ago.

Let’s just hope the Dodgers can avenge their 2022 season and make some very obvious changes so they don’t allow history to repeat itself.

It’s time for some change to come from the inside and the team is expected to make some big moves this offseason. With 10 players officially on the market as of today, the 2023 season feels like it’s already starting. It’ll be interesting to see who the Dodgers let walk, who they’ll choose to resign, and who they’ll chase after this offseason in hopes of making it much farther than just the NLDS stage next year.

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Kristilyn Hetherington

Kristilyn is a student at Azusa Pacific University pursuing a B.A. in Journalism with a concentration on sports. She worked for her high school newspaper as Editor in Chief for three years and has been working here since July 2022. She also works for the Sports Information Office at her college and has served as a Student-Athlete Representative for the Student Government at APU. She was recently inducted into the National Journalism Honor Society, Kappa Tau Alpha, and has written a few pieces for the school newspaper and magazine. She's an avid sports lover and is excited to continue growing and learning in this field.


  1. Within a few months we’ll probably find out they cheated again this time, with no punishment. That club will always be cheaters in my book.

  2. I know they did wrong, but my problem is that I took a solemn vow as an 11-year old to always love them. I waited 56 years for them to win the series, only to find out later they cheated. You can’t fix that. Don’t take it out on the young guys, though. Hope springs eternal.

    1. Baseball insiders have come out since 2017. That was baseball that year. There are plenty of other years. That’s why signs are changed constantly. No excuses. Congrats to the Astros. There is always next year.

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