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Dodgers Fans React to LA’s First Loss in Two Weeks

The day that Dodgers fans have dreaded has finally come. The Dodgers lost their first game this month on Sunday at Kauffman Stadium and it wasn’t pretty.

Fans sat on the edge of their seats, glued to their phone and TV waiting for some action to take place. It rarely came and never resulted in a run for the LA team. They sat scoreless the entire game and watched the Royals cruise to a 4-0 victory. 

The same fans that sat with their mouths open the whole game most likely asking “Is this really happening?” took it to Twitter immediately. Here’s a few of them sharing their thoughts after the 3-0 loss and depressing snap of the winning streak.

Dodgers fans have a reputation for over exaggerating when something like this happens but it’s hard not be emotional for a team that you’ve watched win 12 in a row. You forget how it feels when it happens. Between all the memes and tweets, a few Dodgers fans expressed their love and support for the team.

I think we were all starting to really believe the LA Dodgers were in fact unbeatable. Every night since July 30th, fans have been able to go to bed at night knowing their team just secured one more win. We were in denial that this day would come but nonetheless it did and there is still so much to be proud of.

  • The Dodgers are now 34-6 over their last 40 games, which is an 85 winning percentage over that period
  • They’ve have outscored opponents 91-34 in the past 13 games since their streak started. Before today’s loss their average margin of victory was 5 runs.
  • They still hold the best record in the whole league posting a 79-34 record and are on track to collect 111 wins this season which would shatter the franchise record of 106 (2021).
  • Their 12-game winning streak was their longest run since 1976. 

So there you have it, just a few reminders of just how great this team is and proof that there’s something special going on for Los Angeles despite just one loss.

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Kristilyn Hetherington

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  1. NEWS BULLETIN: The Dodgers are HUMAN! Step away from the Panic Button! Thisis their FIRST loss since JULY! It is impossible to win each game, Just be glad we won 12 in a row and 79 on the year-so far. more wins will come. Thankfully, we are far ahead of the Padres and Giants!

  2. Winning streaks are overrated. It’s not important to have big streaks, or to sweep series. What really counts is winning the most series. You win all your series, you’re going to take the division for sure. Losing streaks are a bummer, it shows that you can go cold, and if it happens in the playoffs your dead. So just win all the series.

  3. During the 12 game winning streak, the Dodgers averaged 7.4 runs per game. That is incredible!

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