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Dodgers Fans Still Have Not Forgiven Hanley Ramirez

We just recently passed the six-year anniversary of Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter against the Rockies. Dodgers fans got to relive that moment as every fan posted something in honor of the historical accomplishment. 

That no-hitter should have been a perfect game, if not for an ill-fated groundball in the seventh inning. It was then that shortstop Hanely Ramirez threw away the ball on an easy play at first base that Hanley simply rushed. And while he was playing injured from the night before, Dodgers fans have not forgotten. They took to Twitter to sound off on Hanley and his legacy in Dodger blue. 

Above all, fan are not a fan of the way that Hanley approached the slow grounder from Dickerson on that play. Dodgers fans were quick to remind us that Ramirez was a big leaguer and that he absolutely should have been able to make that play. 

Again, Dodgers fans were not easy on Hanley. Name-calling might be a bit much, but I understand the frustrations. 

More importantly, It’s important to recognize that Ramirez was playing injured that day. Personally, I blame Don Mattingly. Because it’ easiest as a Dodgers fan to always blame Donny baseball. 

Hanley, Dodgers fans aren’t really ready to forgive you quite yet. But if we can forgive Joe Kelly for breaking your ribs, I’m sure we’ll get there one day. Ramirez played with Los Angeles from 2012 to 2014. 

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  1. One of the Dodgers greatest mistakes, acquiring Hanley Ramirez. Lazy, selfish player, who was a clubhouse distraction.

    1. But his bat could carry a club for a few weeks at a time. Not enough to make up for a bad attitude.

  2. What was impressive is that Kershaw didn’t let it distract him from the game. I have seen a lot of good pitchers fold up under similar circumstances. Deep down, inside, Clayton must have been angry. It wasn’t like it was an out of reach ground ball and he had to dive for it, but it was a routine high school play that he blew.

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