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Dodgers: First Look at the 2020 World Series Championship Ring

It’s truly a beautiful day to be a Dodgers fan. The team is back in Los Angeles to play their home opener, fans are back in the stands for the first time since 2019, and the World Series celebration is in full swing. 

The Dodgers get their rings of Friday afternoon in Los Angeles in a pre-game ceremony. Those who were a part of the historic 2020 World Series-winning team were fitted in the months prior as the rings were all made up.

At first glance, they’re the most beautiful things we have ever seen. 

These rings represent more than just a World Series championship in Los Angeles. In the middle of a pandemic that shook the entire city for more than a year, the Dodgers came through and inspired an entire community. 

They ended a 32-year drought and broke the cycle of continued postseason disappointment. And for the first time since 1989, they get to play a regular season as the defending World Series champions.

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So what will they do with these rings? Cody Bellinger had said in a recent interview that he wants to make sure he doesn’t just lock it up somewhere that he will never see it. Some Dodgers players will wear them to special events, and some might just put them into their trophy cases at home. 

But these were earned. There is no doubt about that. 

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