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Dodgers Unwilling to Reveal Meaning Behind Their Head Pat Celebration

You can count on the Dodgers having an interesting celebration every single year. In the past, we’ve seen things like the bubble machine make an appearance in the dugout. Last year, we got to see some weird slap motion with a tongue wag. The barrels are overrated is a classic that remains still. 

The head pat is something that has shown up early this year. The first time I noticed it was on a Gavin Lux triple during the Rockies series, but who knows when they thought of it. But the big question is, what on earth does it all mean?

If you haven’t seen the celebration yet, you can check it out here

I asked Edwin Rios about the celebration after the win on Tuesday night. Edwin went deep and the head pat made an appearance in the Dodgers dugout. But according to Edwin, he’s not ready to reveal the source. 

Ah, man. We’re going to keep that one low-key, it will be a surprise. Maybe Mookie or Gav because they kind of created it so I’ll let them explain that. 

Dodgers fans need to know. So you can bet the first chance that we have to get it out of Mookie Betts or Gavin Lux, we’ll be on it. 

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The Dodgers and their fans are incredibly thankful for the Athletics for letting Max Muncy get away. Years after being cut by Oakland, Muncy said that he gets a little boost getting to come back and play against them. That made the hits that he got in game one just a little more satisfying, and winning is always a plus. 

Dodgers: Max Muncy Gets a Little Extra Satisfaction Performing Against The Team That Cut Him


  1. It’s been our Scuba Diving OK sign for longer a million years. Our family uses it to acknowledge each other at events. They stole it from us.

  2. the head pat is juvenile
    move on and act like you have been there before
    its just stupid

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