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Dodgers: Former GM Examines Dynamic of Betts & Bellinger Together

The Los Angeles Dodgers did what it takes to land Mookie Betts in a trade from the Boston Red Sox officially. Finally, it’s safe to come out and talk about the exciting stuff. For example, the organization now rosters dual superstars in Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts.

Obviously, it’s so mind-blowing exciting that it’s hard to really get your head around. It sounds like a combination that someone would be able to make happen only on a video game. However, it’s now reality.

Recently, former general manager Steve Phillips discussed the duo of Bellinger and Betts the best way he could on Sirius XM MLB Network Radio.

Truly, you can’t say it better than Phillips puts it simply.

“When I think about Mookie Betts and the Dodgers, I think about Betts and Cody Bellinger on the same team. Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger on the same team, is absolutely off the charts.”

It’s fun to start thinking about the possibility that one star player feeds off the other. While it remains to be seen who will be Batman and who will be Robin in 2020 based on performance, it’s probably going to help make both players more productive.

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The Dodgers have added an incredible offensive player to hit in front of Bellinger. In addition – the pair will play side by side in the outfield – which should make for some highlight reel defense.

Phillips says to give the Dodgers some credit.

“Give the Dodgers some credit – they took a lot of heat – everybody was saying ‘the Dodgers need to do something of impact’. You know they were saying they lost out on Cole. They lost out on Rendon, they’re not really getting any impact guys. This is impact.”

In closing, to pair these two together sounds like every general manager’s dream scenario. Now, Andrew Friedman has made it reality. All of us will get to enjoy the impact it has in the near future.

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  1. I’ll summarize the Betts and Bellinger combo. It will be the best outfield in baseball even if Mickey Mouse is playing in left field.

    1. Agree 106. JBJ and Betts were a great defensive combination in Boston but Bradley can’t hit worth a damn. These two plus all of the other guys means contact and power from 1-8 in the lineup. Really hoping Pollock atones for his embarrassing postseason or if AF could find a sucker to take on that 55 million dollar contract. Good times ahead though!

  2. For one year.

    There’s no way Betts gets 12 years and $420 mil, and then Bellinger gets what? 12 years and $430 mil? Y’all know how these front offices work; only so much dedicated to each position group…

  3. I note that some posters out there are fussing over the “loss” of Verdugo and Downs. Really? I have been a persistent critic of the Dodgers FO not pushing their chips to the center of the table in the past, but I just need to shut my mouth! They traded away two good but spare parts and got back a top five player and a pitcher who should really stabilize what is a very young rotation. If the Dodgers fall short this season, it won’t be because of anything the FO didn’t do. Can’t wait for the season to start. And I’ve already ordered my Bellinger/Betts 2020 T-shirt!

    1. VERY WELL SAID… Would have been nice to have gotten Cole or Rendon. But I’ll take Mookie Betts any day and three times on Sunday over either of those two guys who obviously didn’t want to play in LA. And to get David Price as the “throw-in” of the deal is off the charts. I will miss Verdugo’s enthusiasm. But to get “good” you have to give good and the Dodgers got three pretty good players and a decent minor leaguer in this deal for next to nothing… A CF with a reticent back injury, A SS who might make a better 2B and hasn’t played an inning of Big League ball, a decent pitcher who didn’t want to be a jack of all trades Bullpen artist. And it all happened under the Luxury Tax Threshold! YOWSAH!

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