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Dodgers: Gavin Lux Talks Trade Rumors with David Vassegh

Gavin Lux stopped by Dodger Talk with David Vassegh for AM 570 on Friday and discussed a range of topics from growing up in Wisconsin to building strength in the minor leagues, to seeing his name pop up in trade rumors this off-season.

Lux admitted that although he views teams asking for him as a compliment, he avoids looking at the outside noise.

“I try to stay off and not look too much at the hot stove,” Lux told Vassegh. “But you take it as a compliment that you want to be wanted. It doesn’t affect me personally and you can’t worry about it.”

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Lux has appeared constantly in trade rumors this offseason, most recently a hypothetical Mookie Betts trade to the Red Sox. He was also previously linked to the Cleveland Indians in exchange for Francisco Lindor, a deal that seems less likely after the team dealt Corey Kluber to the Texas Rangers.

Vassegh notes that it seems almost every team that has engaged in trade talks with the Dodgers have asked for Lux, no matter if it’s Betts, Lindor, or “the 30th guy on the roster.”

The 22-year-old infielder is in high demand, and teams clearly see the potential he has flashed both in the minor leagues and in 23 games for the Dodgers in 2019. It speaks volumes what Andrew Friedman sees in Lux considering he hasn’t dealt him for a big-name all-star.

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  1. Roberts says Lux could see some Time in the outfield. Here we go again. Does anybody know If Lux played OF in the minors? This versatility the Dodgers utilize is overdone. PLAY 1-position to get really proficient at it!

  2. I agree let the players master their positions. Its great to have two guys Taylor and Hernandez that are incredible utility guys. Making the whole team utility guys defeats the purpose.
    Lux has been a SS! He is already playing out of position at 2nd.
    If they are concerned about Turner’s body they should insist Seager move to 3rd. Move Lux to SS and Muncy to 2nd.
    That is a very solid team defensively and offensively. Muncy’s defense with his workouts in the Winter of 2018 helped him a lot on range etc. I am sure he has continued to work on his body this winter.
    Let most of the team play full time. The way the team is now barring a trade I would platoon Pollock and Pederson in left and use Verdugo and Bellinger in the Outfield. The rest of the team let them play! Lux, Smith and Verdugo in the minors all had great splits against both left and right handed pitching. Verdugo continued that last year he was very good against lefties. Bellinger was down against lefties but still very good compared to an average hitter. Let them play,,,

    1. I concur that making the whole team shuffle around from position to position also leads to some inconsistencies with the bat, because players must work at several positions besides what is their natural one. But keep in mind that while players you mentioned hit well enough in the minors against both LHP and RHP, it is quite different when facing them in the MLB.. Joc was the starting CF in 2015 because he showed good enough splits in the minors and had a great 2014 at Albuquerque at that time. But for the past few years, what has happened to him VS the LHP in MLB?

    1. But then the owners/FO wouldn’t have a scapegoat to blame when their platooning directives go awry.

      That’s Roberts value. Take the blame/heat. He’s a’going nowhere…

  3. I hate to say it but, the dodger franchise is a very cheap Franchise. If they had made the correct investment in players, they would have won, at least (2) additional World Series. But no, they again tried to “SAVE MONEY”!, or not make effective trades with some of these young players. Keep up with this strategy, but at least tell the fans the truth!!

  4. How did Lux get to be so untradeable and so protected without accomplishing anything yet?

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