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Dodgers: Gavin Lux to Make Debut Monday

Manager Dave Roberts told reporters after Sunday’s win against the Diamondbacks that top prospect Gavin Lux will be making his major league debut on Monday and will start at second base.

There has been consistent chatter all Sunday about the possibility of Lux’s arrival in the coming days and appears that it is now a done deal. Another piece of the Dodgers’ future is here.

While he has not played many innings this season at second base, his presence at shortstop, Corey Seager being present on the roster, and his lack of an arm make his most likely long-term home at the keystone.

The 21-year-old middle infielder has been consistently ranked amongst the best prospects in the game all season long with Fangraphs’ Kiley McDaniel and Eric Longenhagen ranking him tenth-overall in MLB.

The amount of playing time Lux will receive has yet to be seen or stated, but if he is going to be up on the major league roster, he is going to play. There is simply no reason to call him up to sit him.

Lux is a special player and he is joining a special roster in the midst of a very special season. With the offense struggling as of late, Lux figures to be a major boon down the stretch.

His successes have been well-documented this season, seeing him destroy Triple-A Oklahoma City with a .392/.478/.719 slash line and 188 wRC+ across 49 games. He also crushed 13 home runs and drove in 39 runs.

Daniel Preciado

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    1. Robin, lets see what Lux can do before we replace Muncy. Mad Max has demonstrated home run power that Lux has yet to establish. I do believe that with Max at first and Lux at second we are going to be in even better shape offensively. Kiki is the supersub along with CT3. Negro, White, and Garlick will be on the next train. Go Blue!!!

  1. Don’t count on it. Both Muncy and Hernandez have a lot of at-bats against top notch pitching….Lux has zero experience against the likes of Verlander, Cole, Bum, and all the others.

  2. Actually, Muncy has been a very solid defender at all three infield slots (1st, 2nd, 3rd). With 33 homers to boot. And a 5.5 WAR? He is 7th in the NL. And Hernandez is an elite fielder with a 1.9 WAR as a platoon player. Lux will get playing time while Muncy is out. When Muncy comes back, it will be tough. He will be shooting for a roster spot in the post season. And, yep, I think he will be a good player at the MLB level. It would be great to get a showing like Corey Seager had in September at his first callup. He could push Negron, Gyorko, or Beaty out of the post season.

  3. I was wrong i thought they would have waited until Tues. Or Wed., Lux should do good I’m more concerned with his apparent defensive issues, offensively I’m sure he’ll fit in nicely. I think fans just know the name more then know anything about the kid. Yes he is our no.2 prospect it will be interesting to see what he can do at the major league level.

  4. Gavin Lux “could” be the answer for the Dodgers and prevents Roberts from constantly changing the lineups around. With Lux at second, move Muncy to back to first, put Cody in right and Verdugo in left, Seager and Turner in their spots, and rotate Kike, Taylor, and AJ in center with Smith catching – you have the best lineup in the NL.

    I would also have Lux as my leadoff man, followed by Turner, Bellinger, AJ, Muncy, Smith, Seager, Verdugo. Bring Pedersen off the bench. Let’s see how that works.

  5. Lux was hitting .381 (16 for 42 at OKC against LHP and hit .279 at AA against LHP. Roberts indicates he’s up here to play. Then let’s see if Roberts lets him start against a LHP up here. Obviously the pitching in MLB is advanced from that at OKC. Let us all hope Dodgers don’t put him immediately in that ‘platoon’ category and automatically sit him against LHP. If there is an especially difficult LHP for lefty hitters in general, then, OK. Any player who wants to avoid the platoon title needs to show he can hit consistently against both RHP and LHP. One of the reasons the Dodgers failed offensively in last year’s WS was a lineup Roberts put out there in each game with platooning players. But let’s all not expect Lux to ‘carry’ this offense.

  6. Best of luck, Mr. Lux!!!!! If you can hit RHP and LHP as PaulDodgerFan1965, PD Jr., and I hope for, your role on the team will be most important. I envision an infield of Muncy at First, Lux at second, Corey, at ss, and Red at the hot corner. Smith will catch; and the OF will be Beeles, Verdugo, and Joc/Beattie/Pollock. The key is to avoid the “dreaded platoon”, where careers stall out. Go Blue!!!

  7. Correct you are on everything here LOU.. The platooning comes because Roberts and Co. don’t have the confidence in certain players to be able to compete against both hands of a pitcher. In this scenario, only Joc is one who must fit into the platooning category for reasons we have all seen by watching these games.

    1. What do you have against Muncy and Hernandez? Both are excellent players and key contributors to the team. Are you just trying to draw attention yourself with a “hot” take? Or are you new to the game of baseball?

    2. Paul, Roberts is the ultimate players manager who shows confidence in all his players. The Dodgers are extremely fortunate to have this guy as their manager. Outside of Joc rarely seeing at bats against lefties, I don’t see any “platooning” on this year’s team. The versatility of the roster means everyone gets to play, which is how it should be.The bad old days of baseball with certain players rotting on the bench is thankfully a thing of the past. You (and others) need to stop pretending you know more than Roberts because you don’t. In 50-plus years as a fan, he’s the best Dodgers manager that I’ve seen. This will be further proven over time.

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