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Dodgers’ GM Farhan Zaidi Offered Position With the Giants

It looks as though the Dodgers could potentially part with another member of their staff in the upcoming season. Rumors have involved his name all week, but it looks like the Giants have formally made an offer to Farhan Zaidi. The position would be as their general manager as well, possibly in a much more expanded role.

Zaidi was hired in November of 2014, named as the GM under a new ownership group. He followed up Ned Colletti and made some of the biggest splashes for Los Angeles on the market. With Farhan at the helm, the Dodgers have gone 379-270 and made back-to-back World Series appearances. They have also won the National League West every single season since he has been in Los Angeles.

The Giants are in massive need of some help. Despite landing several key free agents and making some waves in the trade market, they still finished the 2018 season with 89 losses. Their last winning season came in 2016, where they were knocked out of the playoffs by the Cubs. They got into the playoffs that year via the Wild Card.

If Zaidi were to accept the position with San Francisco, it could present several problems for the Dodgers. He knows the system very well now, and could certainly use that knowledge to his advantage in the Bay Area.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest news once Farhan has made his decision.

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  1. I read an ESPN article which seems to confirm, this Dodgers FO will continue to follow their same path. It shows Roberts is just following orders and that winningthe WS is not where their priority lies. They’re happy where they’re at. Season tickets all sold, seats filled, WS ring or not, and saving money.

  2. Farhan can go to hell, with Friedman, as far as I’m concerned, so San Fran is an appropriate stop along the way. They should have locked up Kershaw for 5 years, and they have failed to get the one element needed for a title – a relief pitcher who can get 3 outs without any runners scoring.
    We need someone like Epstein or Dombroski, if there are any guys out there as good.

  3. So they get one more year out of Kershaw. Big deal. As far as Zaidi goes, don’t let the door knob catch you on the way out. Goodbye and good riddance. Just wish Friedman was going with you. Time for the manager to start calling his own games.

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