Dodgers: Has Gavin Lux Turned the Corner in His Career?

It’s been a rollercoaster of a season for the Dodgers former top prospect Gavin Lux. He started the year by getting a ‘runway’ at second base, then was thrust into filling in at shortstop after Corey Seager went down with a broken hand in mid-May and now he’s back in the bigs after spending time in Triple-A.

With AJ Pollock currently sidelined with a hamstring injury, Lux’s most recent stint has seen ‘The Kid from Kenosha’ start in left field. Lux has impressed with his positional versatility and has provided a spark for the bottom half of the Dodgers lineup, slashing .400/.520/.550 with a 1.070 OPS since returning from the minor leagues.

We discuss Lux’s growth and if he’s starting to turn the corner. Plus, how will Gavin Lux’s career play out and how will LA use him down the stretch?


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


    1. Lux has been carrying this team. He’s playing like the #1 over all Farm prospect he was projected to be. He’s getting the exact Same opportunities Bellinger-Mckinnley-Mckinstry-souza were all getting, but Lux hits the ball. He’s been excellent. Now if the Dodgers are smart enough to leave bellinger OUT of the line up and keep winning is the question….

      1. It’s a good question Kirk, but based on DD’s history of insanity, I’m afraid Belli and his .159 will be starting and the red hot Lux will get a “rest” Hope I’m wrong, but wouldn’t bet on it

        1. History has shown us DRRRRRRRR’s insanity….The Vagiants just lost 3-0 to the Braves, maybe THIS time DRRRRRRR’s will finally realize this is it. This is his last chance to catch them. One stupid line up, one stupid pitching move, one stupid NON Bench move and the Dodgers will be playing Numerous added games to a already long grueling season. Which will not favor the Dodgers with the weak bench and weak defensive catching….Smith needs to sharpen up his laziness on defense…Anyone and everyone steals on him…….

      2. Kirk, today’s game, an 8 to 5 win showed ALL OF US IN THE MLB WORLD that Dodgers are OK without him. And if Roberts insists on his boy Bellinger being in starting lineup then he is more clueless and dumb as a so called manager than I ever thought was possible for anyone else to be.

        1. Paul, Do You think this is more feeble than the few times DRRRRRRRRR, left Baez in the game after he walked 2 in a row ?, then gave up a 3 run dinger when we had a 2 run lead feeble? Or more feeble than pitching Kersh on 4 days rest, then leaving him in after he gave up a 2 run bomb in the seventh feeble? Or pitching Kenley 3 Innings and burning him up, then having NO ONE for extra innings feeble? Or after Russ Martin had a 4 RBI game and the hottest hitter on the team, then sitting him the next game feeble? Or sitting David freese for basically the ENTIRE post season feeble? Or putting in Kenley last year to close game 4 with a 2 run lead feeble? These are just a few off the top of my head, and there’s PLENTY more if you’d like………. Since all of those were in BIG playoff and World series games, this is just regular season DRRRRRRRRRR’s moments so I’ll have to wait and see before i get back to ya……Until then, we’ll just have to look to his past incredible moves to even think about this current bellinger Boondoggle Moments.

          1. You have great points because I’ve witnessed all of those feeble moves . Its just this with Bellinger is the present day situation but the fear is it could carry into October. Its just another added to all those situation ya mentioned that really have me questioning to find any possible logic to these moves when most of us and most of the media see just how way off base Roberts can be and it could ultimates lead to costing the team in October. The players are most responsible but the manager is supposed to put the players in the best situations in order for success.

  1. Basis Lux’s recent success, maybe Belli would benefit from time in AAA…although, that should have happened a month ago…

    1. But he’s Roberts the Clown’s best buddy! How can you be so cruel Paul! Bet Bellidud is in Tuesday’s lineup!

      1. Well,, that fractured rib issue isn’t going to be fully healed by Tuesday and today’s lineup in the OF needs to be inthere Tuesday and until Pollock returns. Unless the FO is dictating this to Roberts, this is NO TIME AT ALL, 12 games left to sit one of those guys for a horrific .159 hitter. If Dodgers want a best chance to win, BELLINGER MUST REMAIN ON THE PINE. It’s as simple as that.

          1. And this is also for upcoming PS games. We can’t have a guy even batting 7th or 8th with a horrific .159 BA when trying to hit team’s top pitching in October will be difficult enough as it is.

  2. Regarding the question asked in the headline:
    We don’t know if Lux has turned the corner–too soon to tell.
    Lux, had a stretch in May (.286/.346./.490) when he had figured things out at the plate and was hitting the ball similarly to what we’ve seen he’s recently rejoined the ballclub, but then he crashed and burned.
    We’ll have to see what he does the remainder of this season and the first full month of next season.
    But, in the here and now, he has been very impressive at the plate and he has not given away virtually any AB’s since he was called back up.
    Lux could be a huge X-Factor to help lengthen the Dodgers offense, the rest of this season.

    1. It’s possible the Dodgers are exaggerating Belli’s rib injury as to cut back on his playing without publicly somewhat benching him. But if Taylor’s pinched nerve doesn’t improve, Belli will be in there. At least until Pollock returns in a few days.

      1. Bellinger couldn’t be any more embarrassed than crouching on one knee, ear hole of his batting helmet stuck on his nose, after swinging at a pitch 2 feet in front of home plate with runners on 2nd and 3rd to end the inning. Which BTW was a common scene to witness in the last 2 months. What i’m blabbering about is the Dodgers couldn’t out do his own humility if they just benched him…..Good perception ………….

  3. I agree with all the comments. With all this going on, and it is WAY too early to even think about this, but look at all the major decisions that AF will have to make this off season. Cory, Belli, Kenley, Clayton are big problems. Should Lux be expected to be a major player next year? What to do with T. Turner. Way too early but keeps me from thinking about the “strange” moves that Roberts makes.

    1. you forgot Scherzer!!! he’s available for 2022. and Trea Turner is back with the team next year! Does Corey go for the big bucks and leave the Dodgers? Then no worry with Lux back at 2nd and Trea moves to SS. Kersh and Kenley are interesting decisions for sure. Not to mention, AJ, CT3 and JT. Going to be a fun offseason – but put it away for now. Let’s enjoy this season and see where we end up in the Playoffs! Repeat!!

  4. Hopefully we are finally seeing the Lux that was advertised 2 or 3 years ago. He is having a great run with the bat. Keep him in the lineup every day. And keep Bellinger out of the lineup every day. Accept the less than stellar defense. We need run production. And Lux is providing it. As to the long term future of Lux, I don’t have a crystal ball. Just play the guys who are generating positive results here and now. Who would have predicted Bellinger’s collapse after the midpoint of 2019?

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