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Dodgers Have Started to Credit Fans For Missed March and April Games

The Dodgers have released a plan for fans that had tickets to the March and April games. The announcement comes just two days after MLB announced that teams could proceed as they see fit in regard to refunds and credits.  

The Dodgers reached out to fans via email on Thursday morning to provide the update directly. The email is copied in below, with all of the major points hit. 

Thank you for your continued patience as the Dodgers, in coordination with Major League Baseball, have worked to develop a ticket policy for the delayed start of the season.  

For home games originally scheduled to be played during March and April, the Dodgers will provide you with an account credit shortly for the amount paid (plus applicable fees) for tickets for those games. Additionally, in recognition of the unprecedented events that have impacted all of us and in appreciation of your continuing support, we will add a 10% bonus, which can be applied only to one of the bulleted items below during the 2020 or 2021 seasons.  

Here are those bulletin items:

  • Tickets for any home games at Dodger Stadium
  • Prepaid parking for any home games at Dodger Stadium.

There are two things to take away from this. The first being that it seems as though you cannot receive a refund on tickets, but rather a credit towards future tickets. That seems odd, but the Dodgers seem to make up for it by offering a ten percent additional credit on those tickets. So for the $200 that I will receive in credit for my Opening Day tickets, I will have $220 in ticket credits to utilize. 

However, it seems like there’s more hiding in the fine print. LA Times scribe Jorge Castillo mentions that fans may, in fact, be able to secure refunds.

So yes there will be ticket credits, or possibly refunds if you purchased your tickets through the Dodgers. This does not apply to third-party vendors such as Stubhub or Vivid Tickets. Fans looking for more updates can visit this link, or go to and log into your account. 

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