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Dodger Stadium Construction: A Fly Over Provides the Latest Look at Progress

We now know that any chance of us seeing Dodger Stadium in person this year is slim to nil. With California Governor Gavin Newsom tightening the state’s shelter at home order back up, when and if Californians will even be allowed out of the house period this summer is a more pressing question. 

So if we can’t see Dodger Stadium with our eyes, why not see it… with our eyes… but through a screen?

Thanks to pilot and YouTuber Micah Muzio, we get a great, bird’s eye view of the latest at Dodger Stadium. Most importantly, we can catch up on the centerfield plaza construction progress.

Instantly you notice that most of the concrete has been poured in the new $100M plaza renovation at the venerable downtown LA institution. The new LED screens also look to be set in place and ready to go.

Moreover, it appears that most of the continuing work is being done in the underbellies of the upgraded pavilions as well as the new surrounding concessions. 

On a sadder note, you also see an immaculate ballfield ready for baseball.

This past offseason, the Dodgers set out on a $100M renovation plan that would include among other things:

  • An upgraded batter’s eye with a new centerfield bar atop
  • Complete stadium circulation featuring 5 new elevators and 4 new escalators
  • The addition of home run seats to the front row of the pavilions
  • New food offerings and more

The park was originally scheduled to open in earnest on March 26, but construction efforts slowed rapidly as the threat from the coronavirus and subsequent social distancing policies came into effect. Recently, Muzio’s YouTube channel has featured many flyovers of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The pilot has taken to the skies to take in the sights of LA county amid the pandemic.

As one glimmer of hope, it does seem like some form of a baseball season is coming our way. However, what that season will look like is still anybody’s guess. 

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