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Dodgers Have Yet to Receive Official Word on the All-Star Game

I don’t think there is a Dodgers fan out there that belives the 2020 All-Star Game will happen, but technically it still has not been canceled. Los Angeles was set to host it in 2020 until the coronavirus foiled those plans.

The Dodgers’ Andrew Friedman confirmed on a call with the media on Thursday that MLB has yet to officially call it off. The All-Star Game was set to take place on July 14th in Los Angeles.

It was announced on Thursday that teams would start to get their schedules sent to them from the league, so Freidman fully anticipated an update once those schedules went out. No word on if the Dodgers will be rewarded a future date if it is called off completely. 

The timing is pretty unfortunate for the Dodgers, seeing as how they just completed a $100 million renovation to their historic stadium. But the All-Star Game will be back in Los Angeles one day, and the bright side is that they will not have to rush to get the renovations done. 

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  1. Everything is being pushed back so why not the All-Star game? Let the Dodgers still have it at Dodger Stadium at the end of this season or push it to next season.

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