Dodgers Home Opening / Mustang Vandalized

Dodgers Beat The Giants, But Randy Gets Revenge On My Car!

Randy Johnson Keys Car!
Randy Johnson Keys Car!

Monday Morning, we arrive at the gates at 10:15, wait patiently for the gates to open at 10:45. We make our way to Preferred Parking Lot F. I park close to the exit of the lot, to ensure we can get out once the last out of the game is recorded. We rush to the stadium to get one of the few available opening day pins, and luckily we did! Time to take our seats and watch the ceremony. Come the end of the game we hang out at our seats and just enjoy the victory, and over all, fantastic game.

Walking to the car, I couldn’t have painted a better day in my mind. We pull out the “Mannywood” banner we made last year and put it over the windshield of my mustang. People are walking by taking some pictures, laughing about it and everything is great. At this time I hear my brother, “whoa, was this here?” I laugh and say, “yeah right!” He replies, “No seriously, someone keyed your car!” My ears turn red, and temp. rises from a calm 98.4 degrees, to a boiling 101.WTF. I walk over and see some happy fan decided my car was too nice and needed to add a custom pin stripe key mark from my passenger door to the bumper. My perfect day, went from happy to mad, skipped sad, now I felt like kicking some a#%.

In the end, I just took the high road, I said to myself, “there is nothing I can do.” This already expensive day, just got 300.00-500.00 more expensive. My car, which I keep in perfect condition, has been victim to an angry Giants fan, or a jealous Dodger fan. I allow myself a specific allowance each season, and I’m not taking the hit on this vandalizing. I’ll now go to 3-5 less games than normal.

LOT F is hardly preferred parking. While it’s closer to the stadium, the ghetto still has to walk through it to get to the stadium. Some clown decide my car was too nice to go untouched, and on his way to the bus stop, tagged my car, just like some gangster tagged his mother, in which caused his accidentally birth. Angry at the world… glad he chose Dodger Stadium to satisfy his anger.

And this morning after reading this link:
Man Vandalizing Cars

I guess I’m lucky to not have been stabbed or shot.

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