Webb & Manny : Manny Knocks Out Webb

Manny Knocks Out Webb
Manny Knocks Out Webb

I’ll give you a brief rundown of Brandon Webb and his statements to AZ Diamondback fans over the past few days. Pathological liar? You decide…

April 4th 2009: Webb attempts to reassure Dback fans, that they don’t have to worry about Manny “Mandingo” / “Mannywood” Ramirez. When Webb was asked about his comments and how Manny would react, he said, “bring it on.”

Thoughts: Brandon Webb is showing weakness. He’s clearly pointing out Manny’s dominance and addressing it publicly the following season shows it’s obviously a team concern. A real confident competitor wouldn’t talk about shutting Manny down, he’d just do it.

April 6th 2009: Webb attempts to reassure DBack fans that his shoulder isn’t a concern and his poor performance was due minor stiffness.

Thoughts: Brandon is obviously concerned with his shoulder, thus the back to back homers in 3 pitches in the 4th inning. Then the pain, why string the fans along again? This is what pathological liars do.

April 8th 2009: Webb will miss next start due to shoulder stiffness.

Thoughts: If the statements Webb made on April 4th and 6th are true, then he would make his next start. I can’t help but think he’s an intimidated liar! Coward? Brandon said, “Bring it on” yet he can’t muster the nerve to face the Dodgers. Glad he’s not our leader. Leading his team to shame and failure, once again…

April 10th, 11th, and 12th : The Diamondbacks will face the Dodgers and Manny Ramirez. We’ll see who comes out on top…no false statements here. Maybe Webb will learn to spent more time working out that shoulder, and less time working out his mouth.

– Proud Dodger Fan

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