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Dodgers: How Phillies Pursuit of Anthony Rendon Affects Los Angeles

The Philadelphia Phillies cashed in on the free agent market by signing pitcher Zack Wheeler to a five-year $118 million deal on Wednesday, and rumor has it they may not be done dealing.

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reported Friday that the Phillies plan to “strongly pursue” free agent third baseman Anthony Rendon.

Rendon will command another huge contract, likely in the ballpark of Nolan Arenado’s $260 million extension over eight years that he received from the Rockies last spring. Nightengale reported that Rendon might be looking for a shorter deal than Arenado, but is still expecting to command around $35 million per season, which would put the Phillies over the $208 million luxury tax threshold.

Philadelphia spent big on Bryce Harper before the 2019 season, and bringing in both Wheeler and Rendon would likely put them — on paper at least — somewhere near the top of the National League, right with the Dodgers.

The Dodgers have also been in the mix for Rendon, and reportedly met with him on Tuesday. Rendon has been linked to the Dodgers all off-season, with Jeff Passan even saying that he is among the free agents that Andrew Friedman has liked the most in his tenure with the Dodgers.

If Friedman really does like Rendon as much as he says he does, then he needs to act soon. Along with the Phillies, the Rangers from Rendon’s home state of Texas are expected to make a strong push, so there is no time for Friedman to waste.

After years of striking out on top free agents, Friedman cannot afford to miss out again this year.

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  1. Let’s be real in my opinion Rendon is an mvp and could have won it just as easily as Bellinger and Yelich. Getting him and signing Josh Hader to me would be better over risking it with Cole who has only had one proven dominant season. While he’d be a great addition as well I’d pay big for Rendon and resign RYU AND HILL. If we don’t get HAder then go for Cole . Keep Seager and Muncy. Love Arenado but he doesn’t hit to well at Dodger stadium. Lindor for all of the prospects and for Seager and Lux forget it.

    1. Breaking news! Phillies trying to rebuild the Nationals in Philadelphia, even if they pay five times as much as they were making in Washington. It’s reported that several rich relatives of the Phillies Phanatic have recently died and left hundreds of millions of dollars to the the team, with instructions not to stop at Bryce Harper. Buy the whole Nationals team. Money is no object. Strasbourg next.

    2. @ John
      We need a stud starting pitcher more then a stud infielder. Ryu, I believe won’t replicate his 2018 season in any of the years of his next contract. Hill is a joke and needs to retire.

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    1. So you are for or against a Rendon signing?
      I can tell from your post you’re a classy girl, I’ll put you down for a sign Rendon vote!

    2. Dumb broad I hope you end up in a alley somewhere half naked with a dudes DNA dripping out of you

  3. Simply put here, Rendon may not feel the Dodgers as a viable option to spend the next 5 + years with. I have said this before but I truly believe in some way that Roberts, by how he handled things in the 2019 NLDS has set this franchise back a few years. I am not convinced players would want to sign here, especially if they are everyday players solid at their position on the field they had spent the majority of their pro playing time at.

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