Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Feels Team Can Make no Off-Season Moves and be Fine

From fans to experts, everyone with a moderate understanding of baseball knows that the Dodgers are facing a lot of pressure to make a big splash this off-season. The perception of having missed out on big-time free agents and trade targets in at least each of the last two winters stings even more after a shocking first-round playoff exit in 2019.

Even more shocking when you recall that the team won a franchise-record 106 games.

Still, any team that wins that many games can’t really need that much work, right? At least that might be what president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman is thinking.

In a recent article from the great Bill Plunkett over at the OC Register, Andy Friedman shares his thoughts on the situation.

I don’t feel like we need to shake things up just to shake things up. I actually think this was as focused, committed and driven a group as I’ve been around. So I don’t feel like we need to shake up to change the complexion of our roster in terms of personality or talent.

But we’re open to exploring different ways to increase those chances.

As Plunkett scribes, the Dodgers could take their current roster, unaltered, into the 2020 season and “be a serious contender for a championship,” per Friedman. And, while he’s not wrong, this is not the off-season to consider resting on your laurels roster wise.

Moreover, as the current roster stands, it’s missing a pitcher that was runner-up in NL Cy Young voting, and two veteran bench pieces that provided clutch moments and leadership to a bevy of rookies peppering the clubhouse.

As Friedman teases that the club has “flexibility to explore adding really good players,” this is not the off-season to tease the fan base. This is the off-season where action must be taken. Franchise altering talent can be had for just money and a draft pick (every big name player has a Qualifying Offer attached to them).

If Gerrit Cole ends up with the Anaheim Angels, that’s a shame. If Anthony Rendon ends up with the Texas Rangers, that’s an outright tragedy.

Andrew Friedman has spent the last three seasons working on being cheap while the club thrives on minor league talent mostly drafted by his predecessor Ned Colletti. However, thanks in part to some brilliant moves, the club is now armed with cash (around $48M under CBT) and a top-5 minor league farm system. Basically, Los Angeles is equipped to do close to literally anything it wants this off-season.

You want Rendon? Pay the man. You prefer Francisco Lindor? Put together a package around Gavin Lux and get him. You want an ace? Go overwhelm Cole or Stephen Strasburg and stop forcing Clayton Kershaw to do things he’s incapable of doing in October.

Just don’t sit here and say “I don’t feel like we need to shake things up just to shake things up,” Andrew.

Rosenthal: The Dodgers Need to Make a Big Move

Clint Pasillas

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  1. I’ve been saying this since the dodgers hired this idiot. Andrew Friedman is the Devil. This greedy son of a b. Is all about taking the fans money and handing it over too Guggenheim. They call Yankees the evil empire well not anymore. Atleast there organization puts money on too the field products and not into the Steinbrenner’s pockets. Guggenheim with cheapo Stan kasten leading the way will continue too blow smoke up the fans butts and continue laugh all the too bank when you buy 20 dlr beer and a 10 Dlr hot dog and we continue to watch Kiké swing for the fences and joc play pepper with the opponent’s second baseman. Let’s call The Irishman too get of Friedman. The Dodgers will never win a World Series as long as Kasten and Friedman run show. But Guggenheim will continue to get wven wicher than they are.

    1. Perfectly said. They don’t actually believe they can win it all with what they got but it doesn’t matter to them. What they really mean to say is we don’t need to spend your money on being a championship caliber team because we’re going to continue being a highly profitable business just building division winners and keeping fans coming back

      1. You all are ridiculous!
        Having a team basically guaranteed to win close to 100 games every year, the division, and still complain “we want more!”
        That’s not good enough. Get out of here. Bunch of spoiled brats.
        Dude said Friedman is the devil. So dumb

        1. Friedman got his money hes happy. I believe in the prior comments except we do have a chance to win if like you called him the idiot gets Lindor gets Rendon and get a power pitcher by the name of Cole, getting another like Strasburg would help (Bueller, Cole, Strasburg, Kershaw and Urias). Trade or release Seager, Stripling, Lux and Rios. I’m 50 the 1981 and 88 DODGERS were especially great.The kind of chance we have now could start a dynasty at least a mini one Don’t hold on to monies that aren’t yours

        2. Hey mum nuts, I’m the guy that said that Friedman is the devil. You call me dumb because I’m not satisfied with 100 win seasons and division titles. Well then explain you idiot why your title is ( Fire Dave Roberts). He’s won three straight division titles. Friedman, Kasten and Roberts should all be gone. Until that day happens, dodger fans don’t expect much.

          1. I said you were dumb for calling Friedman the devil. I said you were a spoiled brat for not being satisfied with a 100 wins and a division title every year. Your last sentence just proves my point again. You’ve seen what Roberts does in the postseason right? My title is very befitting.

      2. Perfectly said again.
        They have the team to win 106 in the NL West .
        If the team was in almost any other division they probably would have struggled to make the playoffs. The team needs improvements . Bullpen especially , no news flash there .
        NO more AJ Pollacks . Trade Seager ( and whoever else ) for Lindor . Get Rendon and/or Cole . Get guys that can produce in the post season , like Joc !!
        After 50+ years of being a die hard fan , I have stopped buying merchandise and tickets to the park. Should they “stand Pat” after locking fans out of TV and raising fan costs and NOT make it to the WS it will be time to switch to another sport.

        1. @alfredo
          BOOMER look!!!!!
          I’m telling you, perfect example. You all say the same thing. Keep watching. This is freaking hilarious. It’s like a Friedman derangement syndrome. It’s an epidemic that is spreading to all Boomer Dodger fans!

          1. Oof.. saying boomer really? What are you 15? I’ve seen many young fans more woke than you regarding this ownership

        2. You’ve got it right sir. Boycott is the way. I’ve been replying to boycott the games to all these comments.

  2. I can understand perhaps the reason there are no comments yet on this pag:
    “Friedman accurately points out that the Dodgers could take their current roster, unaltered, into the 2020 season and “be a serious contender for a championship.” But the Dodgers have been serious contenders for years now without winning that elusive championship and that goal only seemed to get farther away with this fall’s first-round exit.

    “I don’t feel like we need to shake things up just to shake things up,” Friedman said of the need for changes to put the Dodgers over the top. “I actually think this was as focused, committed and driven a group as I’ve been around. So I don’t feel like we need to shake up to change the complexion of our roster in terms of personality or talent.”
    The above says it all and is why I don’t see any improvement on this roster for 2020.

    1. @ Paul
      You’re a reasonable Boomer. We’ve had good conversations and you seem to be really rational on things. What’s going on with the Boomer haters on Friedman. Is it a generation thing? New kind of baseball that they can’t wrap their heads around? Don’t get me wrong it’s pretty entertaining reading the posts on this site and others, but what’s the misunderstanding?

      1. I don’t hate Freidman, but I have heard the ‘Same olesong and dance’ now since Andy took over before the 2015 season and I get the idea that what happened in 2017 , 2018 and 2019 NLDS does not phase management one bit. Believe me most fans are not too happy having witnessed the Dodgers get eliminated from PS play ON THEIR HOME FIELD.

        1. Cool man
          I get it’s horrible losing in the post season, but at least we’re getting there. I don’t understand the Boomer’s mentality that it’s just a matter of a couple FA signings and “poof” here’s a ring “poof” here’s a ring. It’s no that easy. You sign a couple FAs to these long term ridiculous contracts and it doesn’t pan out, you’re stuck with a mid 30s POS that is getting paid $30 plus mil a year. Don’t get it?????

          1. When all you can think of is “boomer” this “boomer” that you lose credibility and show you have no point. You are probably 15 and have only known these division title teams you haven’t a clue about anything. Give it 10 more years of watching them come up short and you’ll start to understand what we’re all talking about. You haven’t experienced enough choking yet you live in your hunky dory dodger land

          2. Well I realize it takes all 25 and this year all 26 men on the roster to actually get to and win a WS. I understand and agree with ya here that a couple of FA’s alone won’t guarantee anything of course.

  3. If I was looking to make a deal, I would approach it like I was desperate either. You don’t walk into a car dealership lot, and start drooling over, no matter how much you want it. Fortunately, the Dodgers really aren’t desperate. They really can take a free agent or leave him. But they do need a right handed power hitter, and could use some pitching staff moves to deal with Ryu and Hill situation as well as a bullpen that doesn’t blow people away like they used to.

    1. Hey dodger106W, I said this before and posed the question of what are the percentages of Dodgers leaving the Winter Meetings empty handed? My guess is a 95+% chance they leave with ZERO done. what Is your guess?

  4. Sorry for missing some words on previous rant. I’m just so frustrated as a fifty year dodger fan. I would hate too see Tommy and vinny not witness another World Series championship because those too Idiots.

    1. You Boomers are losing it!
      It’s actually hilarious because you all say the same thing. “50 plus year Dodger fan” “lifetime Dodger fan” all complain about the new era that is Friedman.
      Seriously, go check out comments from other sites.

  5. And Clint, what ya wrote here is right on the money and is what fans have been saying for quite a while now after failing in October for the last 7 years:
    “You want Rendon? Pay the man. You prefer Francisco Lindor? Put together a package around Gavin Lux and get him. You want an ace? Go overwhelm Cole or Stephen Strasburg and stop forcing Clayton Kershaw to do things he’s incapable of doing in October.

    Just don’t sit here and say “I don’t feel like we need to shake things up just to shake things up,” Andrew.”
    WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Are we shocked? That’s the same arrogance they display every offseason. They think their sht don’t stink and that their rookies and current veterans can win it all even though they’ve never gotten it done

    1. How’s that arrogance? Stating fact. We don’t need to do anything and still win the division. Every year fans crying, we need to sign this FA, we need to trade for this guy, Friedman never does anything. If he listened to all you cry babies and traded the farm away and signed all those FAs that were gonna bring home the ring, we would have nothing right now. No farm and a bunch of old players in their mid 30s getting paid $30 mil a year and no way of getting out of the contracts.

      1. Typical participation trophy mindset. You love those division titles don’t you? That means jack to dodger fans over the age of 18. I’d also love to see you try to brag about that in front of fans who’s teams have actually won the World Series that would be hilarious

        1. Richard
          Are you a life long Dodger fan that happens to be one for more then 50 years?
          It would be hilarious to hear your arrogant self cry around a bunch of consistent bottom dwelling teams fans on how a yearly division title and 100 wins isn’t good enough. I’m simply grateful and hope for the best every year.

          1. Hoping for the best is for losers. Winners go out and get the guys to put them over. Go talk to Cubs, Astros, Redsox, and Nats fans about your division titles I’m sure they’ll be real jealous LOL heck even Giants fans would laugh at you and they’re in last every year now

  7. Setting us up for another failed offseason. AF is masterfully a small market GM. Use your wealth, the top five farm system, the player development, the analytics the second largest market in baseball and get Cole, Rendon or Strasburg. Anything less is a failure of epic proportions.

    1. “Failure of epic Proportions”
      Dude, are you a Boomer?????
      Have you been a life long Dodger fan and possibly been one for over 50 Years??????
      Is every one reading watch…………

  8. I have been saying all along since Friedman screwed up last season. He won’t do anything to change the team and now he’s saying again. Good luck Dodger fans. We better get ready to boicot the games. They need to take us serious and that will be the only way to make a point. This is the Braves of the 90’s, win divisions and that’s all…

    1. “BOYcott the games”
      “take us seriously”
      Are you a life long Dodger fan of over 50 years??????

  9. Absolutely disgusting. I despise this organization more everyday. I hope they remain cursed as long as they own this team

    1. NODH
      Are you a life long Dodger fan and does it happen to be over 50 years?????

  10. You guys got them figured out, which really isn’t all that hard. Nailed it Clint as we watch the Rich get Richer and the fans get poorer. Where is MAGIC? I thought Magic loved L.A.? Why can’t Magic express the late great Jerry Buss’s philosophy of ” Write the Check?”. The Rams have been signing and spending and instantly go to a Super Bowl, they have injuries but we know they are trying to win it all. The Lakers go ALL OUT!!!!!Spend money and they know that having #2 and 3 draft picks don’t mean squat! They signed the 2 biggest players on the market and they are TRULY a threat to win the Championship! Cmon Magic, both the Rams and Lakers have been lousy until they started signing top talent. It was just as recent as 2 seasons ago that the Dodgers were the ONLY ticket in L.A. Now even the Clippers spent and signed top talent and they are truly a threat to win it all as well. Wher is Dodgers pride? Where’s Garvey and Cey and Dodgers that actually won? They need to speak up!!! Friedman is NOT a L.A. guy, and Neither is Kasten! They are holding this team, and the FANBASE Hostage!!!

    1. Everything you posted is so true and very sad. The Lakers are where it’s at right now they made the big moves to put them over and it’s showing. That’s what LA is supposed to be all about. I am enjoying the Lakers very much and even if they don’t win it all we can atleast say the ownership and FO actually tried and wanted it for us

    2. Kirk
      I might be wrong, but are you a life long Dodger fan and has it been for over 50 years?

      1. Roberts, I’m trying not to think your calling me a troll, if so, I wish you the best because more so than any one else here, it appears to me he who accuses….I’ve been a Dodgers, Lakers, Rams fan since 1965. In that time I’ve witnessed ( That I remember) 2 Dodgers titles, 11 Lakers championships, and a Rams super Bowl.Even with the Rams being in St Louis I was a fan. I’ve seen the Dodgers sign Kirk Gibson, by the way who was the TOP FA in 88 which almost that move alone won them the title. Watched the Rams sign Marshal Faulk, Ricky Proehl, the donut brothers etc. who were the TOP FA in 99 which brought them a championship. Watched the Lakers bring in Shaq etc etc etc. Now I’m watching Friedman do absolutely nothing here in L.A. He hasn’t signed one TOP FA and continues to avoid championships. Seen it all in my 54 years of L.A. loyalty, and calling it what it is, the elephant in the room is NOT firing Dave Roberts. It’s NOT signing TOP talent to give Roberts is why this team fails.

        1. No man. Not saying you’re a troll. Not questioning your LA allegiance.
          You Boomers don’t get it. Keep crying about Friedman. It’s not changing anytime soon.

          1. Fire Roberts, would you please quit trying to cause arguments, insults, and other childish responses to me? Learn respect son just because others have different opinions that you doesn’t give you the right to draw insults. I used to frequent the Dodgers official websites fan message board. What got it deleted from public use was it turned into a personal smack off between trolls, other fans from different teams etc. Please refrain from causing this site the same results. It would be very easy to start a insult war with you or anyone, but why? We’re all Dodgers fans here, we all want to win and enjoy our team. I understand your reasoning but it’s wrong to insult this group of awesome Dodgers fans. Let’s all see what happens, what do you say?

      2. Maybe you should go back in your mommy’s basement and think up some new material. The Boomer line is beyond stale.

        But then since you’re content with Division titles maybe you’re also satisfied coming off like you do.

        1. You just said Boomer is stale but used “go back to your mommy’s basement”???????
          Come on man!
          What term would the PC police of the Boomer’s prefer for me to say?
          Senior citizen
          old person
          close minded
          hard headed
          stuck in their ways
          never going to change
          Going to forever cry about Friedman
          Any of these work for you????

        2. Lol this kid just snapped and got triggered one day. He was making good posts for awhile and then all the sudden started doing this boomer bit that he made stale the first night lol

          1. Sorry Slapper,
            I see this is really hurting your feelings. It seems to be hurting alot of….. ” you guys” feelings. I was just proving a point. All… “you guys” did a fantastic job doing it for me. Here’s to a fun winter meeting and all generations enjoying a fun season of making another run at it!

    3. Magic owns less than 5% of the team – he is a toothless figurehead. He bragged that the TV contract gives the team almost $350 million a year and that’s the bottom line. And none of the principal owners are fanatical Dodger (or baseball) fans, they are business men whose primary focus is, and will continue to be profit. If six years of TV blackout didn’t enlighten you about their concern over the true fan then nothing will. BTW, the Dodgers won three WS since you’ve been a fan (65, 81,88). I have watched all of their Championships (59, 63, 65, 81, 88).

      1. Casey since you didn’t read ( That I remember) I’m quite aware they won in 65. I’m also aware that the Dodgers run it as a business 1st. You are correct on everything except your 65 comment. Although Magic is the most respected spokesman in L.A. history, and people listen to him. 5% or not, he could make waves if he went public more than any of the media or us..

  11. Could LA use a starting pitcher or two? Yes. Do they need a more reliable bullpen? Yes. But from what I have seen over the last three years, more than anything, they need position players that can hit in the playoffs. Whether it is nerves, better pitching, or both, we just have not hit well enough, when the pressure was on.

  12. I really don’t know what to make of AF’s comments. Is he just laying in the weeds waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting GM or is he just delusional? In the former, we have to assume that there is an unsuspecting GM, which I doubt. In the latter, we have to think that AF hasn’t been paying attention for the last 3 years.

    I hate to say it but to me it all comes down to money. The Dodgers are making millions so why not just spend enough to be competitive without going over the luxury threshold. Yes, the FO can say they were in on this pitcher or this position player but were they really? I just don’t know.

  13. As usual, Friedman is wrong. This team needs a big shakeup. They are stale now. Winning 106 games means nothing if you can’t make it through the playoffs. Playoff game strategy is different, and the Dodgers do not have the right mix to pull it off. Spend the money, Friedman.

  14. To stop the frustration, you must look at the team as an investor and not a player or a fan. When you view it form a business angle, it makes perfect sense. As long as the Dodgers’ fans fill the seats, what is the motivation to spend more? The Dodgers continually have the best attendance numbers and have not won a title in over 30 years. As a businessman, who would spend more money with those numbers? All Guggenheim has to do is keep replaying Gibson’s World Series homerun to keep the faithful hopeful. If the early exit last year is not a warning sign, then they will never change. It’s like an alcoholic with 10 DUI’s. What makes you think he will stop, when you keep handing him the keys?

      1. I love baseball and especially my Dodgers. I will go to games, win or lose. I can’t wait for the hot dogs come April. My family loves going to games. The Dodgers are my team. I just don’t ever expect them to win the World Series with this ownership. The writing is on the wall. If they do, great. That’s not why I go. I guess I turned into my dad. I just want to see a good games, no matter who wins. Good play, is good play. That’s what makes me so upset about the 2017 Astros so much.

  15. The Dodger Front Office is the perfect example of the old saying about the definition of insanity. “Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.”

    1. Tim, I feel the frustration, but almost 4 million tickets sold year after year, is exactly the “same thing” Guggenheim wants!

      1. Mike, I may just be guessing here, but I think Tim is referring more to what Freidman and Co. has done or not done in the off season and the definition of insanity is certainly in big part directed at Roberts in how he shuffles the lineups, handles the the SP’s and the BP, playing constant lefty/righty match ups no matter how often that fails. We know what ya said about what Guggenheim wants. But it’s the insanity showing itself on the field of play that is in question here.

  16. Say what we want about Friedman, but Cody, Seager and Kershaw are regular season stars at best. And if I continually here the Dodgers announcers and media keep getting excited and ga ga over these guys regular season accomplishments I’m going to Throw – Up.

  17. He’s dam right,send Turner to first,lux to short and Corey to 3rd Muncy to 2nd.Turner might stay healthy all year and hit 30+hrs,100+rbis,Muncy 40+hrs,100+rbis,Corey his best year hits 320+average 30+hrs,100+rbis,Lux stays decent 260+average 20+hrs,70+rbis good glove work,Bellinger another monster year 330+ average,47+hrs,115+rbis,Verdugo 320+average,20+hrs,75+rbis great defense in. center,Joc another better year 39+hrs,86+rbis,Will Smith the best catcher hits 270+,30+hrs,88+rbis and polloc,kike and rest of bench will help too.See no need for rendon or Cole when Buhler and Urias will be best righty,lefty combo winning 18 games or more,Kershaw too,To Gonsolin and May are already better than maeda,we need a stopper in case Kenley fails.

  18. I always gave Friedman the benefit of the doubt, but he’s so wrong in this case. The team can win the division again, but so what? The fans want more. They need another front line pitcher and a right handed hitter. Cole and Rendon are the answers. If he wants to go the extra yard, sign another reliever in the event Kenley’s skills diminish even further, This is a key year for the Dodgers. If Friedman thinks the Dodger fans are going to stick around forever, he’s nuts. They are frustrated and want to see some investment in their loyalty. If the team does nothing this off season and it falters again down the stretch, his head should roll.

  19. This is delusional…I realize it’s Friedman posturing trying to seem not so desperate but this team is barely good enough to win a division. We need substantial changes in starting pitching, bullpen, adding right handed hitting, and improving our fielding, especially keeping Roberts as manager. We won 106 games, ok that’s good. How did we do against over .500 teams? Against elite teams? That’s your answer and if Dodgers don’t make some big moves, prepare for another failure in the playoffs.

  20. This is exactly the issue. Fine isn’t what the Dodgers or the Dodgers’ Fans are about. Exceptional? Yes. World Class? Absolutely. Fine? Not in this life time or the next.

  21. Folks, let me remind you of something former Dodger 1st baseman Eric karros said after the Dodgers were swept in back to back division series in 1995 and 1996:
    “We didn’t win because we did not have a good enough ball club..it’s that simple’

  22. Paul,Exactly as Karros is a straight shooter. After reading Roberts posts, I’m beginning to Believe friedman understands that Snowflake central will all be joyous and content with Fantasy lineups,analytical justice warriors stats, and a the newest MLB Gameday playsation 5 line ups. Where yes even WE, can be a GM, and also compete in live games online! 4 Million strong..

      1. Lol’s, maybe some of my posts should be deleted. They definitely aren’t kool aid and huggy bears love directed at Friedman and kasten…

        1. Kirk, some of my comments, and none of them are obscene or with bad language, but they get moderated. All I am doing since I have been watching all these games via MLB Extra Innings are responses to what has gone on from the FO on down to the field. I am just concerned when I say that Robert’s strategies with lineups and in game managing never seem to fly in October, and I am basically referring to the obsessive compulsive R-L-R-L match ups and position shuffling and lineup shuffling on a daily basis.

  23. Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Feels Team Can Make no Off-Season Moves and be Fine…..and the beat goes on….See the new boss, same as the old boss….and I am stuck in the middle with you….and we are live from the Chris Berman fan club

  24. @ Kirk Lyons
    It didn’t give me an option up there to reply to your post.
    Yeah man,
    It’s all good. I was just proving a point, got a little out hand. Noted.
    Here’s to a fun season!

    1. Yet you proved no point that’s the funny thing lmao everyone is just laughing at how stupid you looked.

      1. @slapperman
        You have serious stalker issues. You don’t see where I coming from I don’t see where you’re coming from. I already apologized to you on all 5 of your posts your stalking me on. I don’t know what else to do. Creeping me out man

    2. FireDaveRoberts I am 68 so classed as a Boomer. I see all of these negative remarks and nonsensical trades and free agent deals by people that are in no way qualified to make decisions for a Billion dollar baseball organization that has won 7 consecutive NL West titles and continues to get the team younger and below the MLB Budget threshold. Sportswriters and crazed negative fans get to stew in their own juices. I called last year fairly accurately as I predicted 104 wins and a NL West division going away. This year the team should be better as it has more offensive fire power in Smith and Lux with Verdugo hopefully starting. Plus the team will have Urias in the rotation which is a huge improvement.
      I am hoping they sign Ryu as they have had the tendency to resign good players. Also hope they can get traction on a position upgrade with Pederson, Maeda, Stripling, Hernandez, Rios, White, Santana and hopefully Pollock all as possible trade goods. Clearing the outfield logjam could assist in bringing up a power bat from the Farm like the right-handed DJ Peters or Kyle Garlick. Its fun to play the what if game but many on these boards are so negative and unrealistic is a real turnoff. Listento what Friedmanand Kasten are saying and then figure out waht they may actually do! Strasburg just signed for a Mega long term deal, reportedly the Yankees are in a bidding war for Cole that is in the 7 year range which is crazy for a pitcher. Rendon is a very good 3rd baseman however Muncy’s numbers were very close and the Dodgers already have a full infield with Lux hopefully playing every day. Get real people…

      1. Good stuff man!
        What’s your bold prediction for this season as far as wins and postseason?

        1. Well said tmaxster. I would love to see this site evolve on both sides. Maybe even institute a twitter restraint rule like only one tweet per article, and two max for editorials. Move away from speculation and wishfulfillment toward creative thinking and comparative analysis. It’s easy. No math degree required. Instead of banging on Seager and Belli for their postseason performance, look at what other guys have done at their age. Rendon had a spectacular postseason in 2019 at 29. But at age 24-27 not so much. Seager and Belli have been at this from age 21/22. These two guys are young and they will figure it out. But based on what I read on this site, we might as well give these two guys a “you suck in the postseason” narrative..That should help solve the problem. Devil may care when it comes to the actual details of their overall performances. I’ve said it before, Dodgers Nation is a site that needs to get a whole lot better overall…more creative and original, more thoughtful analysis and much more realistic in terms of the expectations and criticisms that are leveled against players and management. Otherwise, as FDR says, “it’s just Chum for the Sharks.” I am not a Boomer…but I am a world series baby…1965.

      2. Great post dude! I agree. Man! So many on here do not understand 106 wins is nothing to sneeze at. And, like you say, lets go with what we have and NOT get into this feeding frenzy. I would like us to have Cole–or Ryu back–but not Cole if he wants 7 years and 37-38 mil per. THAT is insanity. We have Urias. He will be good. And May?? He has a really high ceiling. He will also be good. May could be Cy Young material at some point. Agree with trading a few guys to get DJ a shot; and to allow Verdugo to play. And—yep Lux needs to play. He could be a special player. Great post!

        1. It seems that some posts do disappear. Or Maybe they are deleted…? So since my post from last night is in limbo, I’ll just say I appreciate tmaxster taking the time to speak up about the negativity and nonsense that haunts this site. I couldn’t be happier to have a really strong farm system with our own young guys developing year after year. Not so long ago we were in much worse shape. I want to see our best prospects playing for us rather than trading them away hoping for a quick fix. That is what gets me looking forward to the season. Urias, Lux, Verdugo, May, Gonsolin. Lots of promise for 2020 and beyond.

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