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Dodgers Injury Update, Max Muncy Hurting LA on Defense, Dustin May Future Ace, Depth Issues & More!

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Our very own Doug McKain and Clint Pasillas are live on YouTube right now for another edition of the Blue Heaven Podcast.

On today’s show, we’re talking about Max Muncy’s defensive struggles, injury updates on all the key players who have been out and a few things we love and hate so far this season.

Also, we have to talk about Dustin May’s absolute dominance to open the season.

And, with the Masters in full swing, we’re ending with a little fun golf-related Dodgers segment.

Again, you can join with this link right here:

Make sure to come share your thoughts on all these topics, and bring any questions you have about anything Dodger related.

We’ll also, of course, be previewing today’s game, and the rest of the series against the Diamondbacks.

See you in the live stream!

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Noah Camras

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  1. Dustin May is definitely a future Ace. Let’s see if he can stay healthy this year and pound the zone consistently. I see lapses of concentration at times and mechanics that can sporadically get out of whack. Ain’t easy being a big, tall, lanky MLB pitcher on a team like the Dodgers so I get the human aspect of it, but the guys that separate themselves from the rest are the guys that make themselves legends. With the possibilities of Joolio and Kreeshank gone next year, I definitely see a guy like MayIhaveanother taking the Ace moniker if he can make the above listed changes. He definitely has the stuff, and is better than Buehlink, especially after two Tommy Johns.

  2. Maybe Robert’s can persuade Muncy to lose some weight . Muncy’s Belt seems to holding too much back for playing 3rd , or even just Baseball .

  3. Max Muncy is not a 3rd baseman He will
    Never be a 3rd baseman Too.many.mistakes and ERRORS already in first 10 games +++?hes BATTING 133. STRIKES out at a higher rate thsn ever. Swinging at balls out of the zone. BUT DAVE RYE ROBERTS WILL CONTINUE TO PUT HIM OUT THERE AND DODGERS WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE

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