Dodgers Insider Believes Los Angeles ‘Will Handle’ Giants in the NLDS

The Dodgers spent the entire year chasing the Giants in the NL West. Thanks in part to a series of injuries, off-field issues, and underperformance from key players, Los Angeles never caught up to San Francisco. That cost them their 9th consecutive division title and forced them into a Wild Card Game. 

Thankfully, the Dodgers walked off on the Cardinals in the 9th inning on Wednesday night to advance. That sets the stage for an epic Division Series between the 2 best teams in baseball. With 213 regular-season wins between them, the long-time rivals are sure to give baseball fans one heck of a series. 

But while many in baseball believe this series could go either way, one MLB writer isn’t so sure. The LA Times’ Bill Plaschke made a radio appearance and made a very bold prediction. In his mind, there is no doubt that the Dodgers take care of business and advance. 

If the Dodgers can get by the Cardinals…I think they go unscathed to the World Series championship. I’m the same guy who said the Dodgers were the best team in history and they weren’t, I’m saying now that the Dodgers are going to handle the Giants in a five-game series. In my mind, there’s no question about that. It will be a great series, but the Dodgers are going to win that series. And you can have me on after they win it, and I will say that again.

That’s incredibly bold for him to predict given that the Dodgers lost the regular season to the Giants. But they’re also on a bit of a roll over the last month and show no signs of slowing down. The bullpen looks as strong as ever, and despite losing Clayton Kershaw, they appear to be set up well in their rotation. 

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It’s going to be every bit of a battle that we saw during the 2021 season between these 2 teams. But if the Dodgers can get their bats going as they have for the last month or so, it will be tough for the Giants to take 3 of 5. 

We’ll see…

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  1. Brook, doesn’t sound to me like Plaschke is going “way out on a limb” here. He is simply going with the betting public’s favorite. I’m somewhat biased, being a life-long Dodger fan. I’m sure stauch Giants fans feel the same way about their chances. They can point to data points to hang there hats on as well. It should be an incredible series for sure. History in the making. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  2. When the Dodgers played he Giants 7 games in 10 days in July, and lost 5 of them, it is notable that they played all those games without Betts, Seager, or Trea Turner.

    1. Good catch Jackson. No idea how I forgot about that.
      However, Giants were without Bryant then as well. But Trea has been 10x better than Bryant!!!

  3. It’s not a bold prediction to say the Dodgers will beat the Giants. They will. It would be a bold prediction to say that the Dodgers will sweep the Giants. That’s possible, but not likely. It is likely that Buehler and Urias bring home wins in the openers in SF. Game 3 would be less likely even though it’s in LA. It’s possible that all three wins required to take the series come in SF. The Dodgers need to get the bats going again.

    1. 106w, if somehow (I’m certainly not expecting it) the Dodgers take both games 1&2 in SF, that would only increase the likelihood they have their brooms ready for game 3! Dodgers at the Ravine up 2-0 with Mad Max on the hill? Hello NLCS!

  4. Up here in the SF Bay being a Dodger fan can be fun. Dave Robert’s and even Don Mattingly brought many solid years of winning that Andrew Friedman put together for them. But the team still had to produce which they have. I bet in Vegas before the year on the Boys in blue to win over 103.5 which they did with 106 the guy at Caesars Palace thought it was not going to happen but it did and so now the just need to continue it and bring home the full prize.

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